27 April 2016

Fashion Police: Fredash International Annual Fashion Avenue (FIAFA) Red Carpet.

Hey MKB Readers,
Hope you all are having a lovely week. I can't believe we are coming to the end of April. It seems like just yesterday we were shouting "Happy New Year" and now we are almost half way into the year. It is a wa oo! lol. We should always be thankful to God for his blessings. Anyway, to the matter at hand. Last weekend, the 4th annual FIAFA event went down at Chariot Hotel Buea. I was so delighted to watch the event from Kreef Entertainment's snap chat (please don't judge me, na my own reality TV that). The event was very organized and full of lovely designs, models and designers. Not forgetting our celebs, Hahaha. Where there are CELEBS!, There is FASHION POLICE. No bi so??? * wona answer abeg*.  I have decided to add a fashion tip with every fashion police post to help our celebs and my readers make better fashion/ style choices.

- You don't have to own many shoes if you can't afford them. However, there are some shoes you MUST have in your closet. At least ONE pump and ONE single sole sandals (Google am now).
- You should have a good number of nude and black shoes in different styles before you go into buying shoes in funny other colors. Why? Because nude and black goes with EVERYTHING. You can never go wrong with those two colors. When in doubt, wear a black or nude shoe. However the style of the shoe will depend on the outfit.

- You all need to invest in at least one good moccasin or 'gentleman'/ classy shoe. I am tired of seeing sneakers on the red carpet. * News flash!* They don't go with everything.
- When in doubt, go with a black and brown shoe. In fact you should all own a good black and/ or brown shoe. 

Here are the celebs who killed, trashed, or were mediocre the red carpet. Disclaimer: This is purely my opinion.
  Photo credit: A big THANK YOU to Fredash, Pam Happi aka Miss P, Ebangha Nkwanyuo and all those who posted pictures on Facebook. Thanks for making this post possible. 

 Actress Malvin Ann:

 I absolutely love this outfit. The pairing of the neon green top and ankara trousers by Mareta West is great. I would have preferred nude shoes but the neon green shoes also works. Please can u say an Amen? I actually love her hair, her hair stylist could have done a better cut but this is way better than the mami water hair. #Slayed

  Actress Syndy Emade: 

I think she is trying to start a trend because she is always rocking an over the shoulder jacket (or is she trying to hide her bra stripes? just thinking aloud). Anyway i lovee her dress in fact i want it. My only problem with her look is the fact that her bra is sticking out, As a celeb you have to be very conscious of your outfit especially when you know you are having a wardrobe malfunction. Secondly, It might be just me but those shoes do not fit well. That being said. i think she slayed. Ermmm Syndy abeg post me the clutch when you are sending the dress abeg. Thanks in advance.

I know i need to work on my names *hides face*. This lady looks flawless, Make up on fleek, hair on point, the right accessories. And that maxi skirt ... woow. I wish she had on a white top though. It would have taken the whole outfit to another level. However, she definitely slayed.

 Actress Nsang Dilong: 

She keeps me glued on snapchat with all her lovely EB creations outfits on the set of her up coming movie show Samba and Honestly I wish she wore one of those designs. Don't get me wrong she looks good, hair on fleekage, I love her EB creations clutch, may be a smaller size would have been better but i still love it. However, up close, there are too many things wrong with this jumpsuit. Why does it have a zipper in front and an incomplete band on the waist? Na jumpsuit, no bi trouser. Jumpsuits should have their zippers at the side or back, not in front and definitely an invisible zipper as well. Plus the legs are too exaggerated, it would have just been straight down or a little free on the thigh. Anyway all that is the designer's problem. Nsang mami you slayed. Well styled, just wear a necklace next time. Your neck is a little bare but your hair piece makes up for it though. so i no go over complain.

Artist - Daphne:

Chaii Daphne, mum is that you? I was a little confused oo. I can't believe only last week i was praising you and now this? Weh! You are such a beautiful lady with a banging body but this dress is a little too much. I like the fringe but i don't really understand the dress, is it a jumpsuit or how? And the hair choii! I know this was your performance dress which is ok. However next time please have two outfits one for the red carpet and one for performing. You wise noh? And i suggest you get a stylist as well. You are no longer a struggle artist. You are now famous and you have to represent and stay on top of your game.

Let me keep this short and sweet. This jumpsuit has designing issues especially on the sides. Very rough and poor finishing. However i like the way it looks on her as long as she throws the belt and changes the shoe, i am good.

Ok a minute of silence for this dress. I had been looking for it on  ASOS but it was sold out. So trust me when i say this dress is GORGEOUS!!!. I just want to steal it from her I swear. chooi. Anyway back to the matter. Dress on slayage dot com, but everything else hmm. Make up could be better. Hair is a no, i mean, it is not arranged. That purse needs to go and be replaced with a lovely black, gold or nude clutch. I actually like her shoe choice, it just needed more. May be i would have loved it more if it were nude. But she looks good tho #slayed.

  Pearl Louma: 

Hmmm Pearly Pearl, i know you can do better than this. I love the hair up do but this dress by Spell Couture is more in the grandma/older lady section especially the front. I also think the colour of the dress sucks the life out of your lovely complexion. The shoes are lovely but wrong for the dress. However i love your smile 😊.

The Baddest DC Media Crew - Andrey (Drey), Frida Fara and Brenda Dery:

Ma girl them, wona dey dey? *in my Tilla voice*. Anyhow make I land. You girls know you can do better na? Especially the fact that there are two bushfallers here, na wona get for lead road (I am not saying that bushfallers always dress better. Before camer people find my cane. But you get the giste). They all look lovely, I mean lovely lovely outfits, well style but for the wrong event. This was a fashion show with a red carpet, Not a birthday dinner or Kokobar event. That said, Frida i di wait da closs.

Honestly, i think you girls should check about my post about body types ->  HERE . I am all about self confidence and feeling good in your own skin but we still have to be mindful of what looks good on our body and what doesn't. Not everything looks good on me as well and i have learned how to pick and choose. This outfit is absolutely wrong for her and the belly top or na crop shirt doesn't help. Then the to match too much. too much going on babe. And the hair, how them di call da one? W braids? less is more boo.

   Designer Afrik Fashion : 

The cape top looks way better on her and the styling is good. I would have  replaced the black sequin top with just a plain black or white top. Make up could be better tho. However, she looks good considering the fact that she had ti to be busy preparing her models for the runway.

Actress and Host of FIAFA 2016 - Ruth Nkwenti: 

Ruth i love you but i don't think I have ever been this disappointed. You should have had this in the bag babe, You were the host of a huge annual fashion show. Mami honestly, you no jo try you no small ya. 1) You were supposed to be in a baddass outfit by the best designer in town, you weren't. 2) You were supposed to change at least 2 - 3 times, you didn't ( atleast none that i know of). 3) Even the one closs way you wear no still hold water massa. Your make up was great, hair could have been styled better. Jewelries on fleek. skirt is ermm ok and shoe is iffy but na that top vex me pass. It looks like something you can buy in Muea market for deux cents. You can do better babe. No disgrace me so again.

 Arisha Ayonghe: 


Chaiii Another person i like. I go do how eh? Arisha bebe, you know i love you na. But this one is strictly business. No do me so again! Warisdis? I actually don't mind the jumpsuit but the pink thing looks like a bib. It just doesn't work. Then red shoe again? Red and Pink is a fashion No No! All man take note. it's a death sentence. Arisha you can do better love. I know you can.

Miss Cameroon USA 2014 - Nora Ndem:

I actually really really love her dress. But not for a fashion event. The shoe choice is a NO NO especially not with a classy dress like that. And the hand bag needs to be replace with a clutch. This outfit would have worked for a more urban or casual event.

The guys murdered their outfit. Black shoes could have been better but brown also works. I like the lady's top. I will definitely diss the hair and shoes. A more fashionable shoe would have made the outfit look better.

 Massa this nice print just went to waste. The dress looks like a bad version of a modern Kaba. Not digging it at all. Love her hair, necklace and clutch tho.

  Model - T Pana & TV Show host -  Miss P: 

T Pana we know say you be fine bobo but you for tie skin well well. He looks good don't get me wrong but Not for a fashion show. He could have been going to a birthday dinner for all I care. That outfit doesn't suit the event. I know he could do better. Anyway, fine man na fine man. Miss P, you can do better too hun. You look good, i love your dress and shoes. But as I said it looks like you both were going to another event not FIAFA.

Fashion Designer Amah Betrand (right): 

 Chaii Even if they wake up me for sleep i go know Amah Fashion House designs. I love everything about these outfits. Slayage to the max. Chisos


T Pana why you no tie skin like your brother? He looks very sharp and sleek, however i just want to throw that cap.

Njikeng Asonganyi and co:

Love when boys dress like MEN! Slayage all around. Everyone looks very sharp. Wehh 'chang' shoe again? I bi think say na joke but looks like Roger Maleya (lmao) has started a trend. I wish he (the guy in the picture) wore black socks with the chang but i guess he wanted it to stand out. I don die

Founder of FIAFA - Fredash

 And finally, Mr Fredash. I absolutely love his outfit head to toe. I wonder who did his suit, it does looks good. But wait oo! whatz up with this Stanley Enow 'don't touch my shoe' pants? Wehh these guys play too much. Na another trend this eh? I swear guys can get away with almost everything when it comes to fashion. It's not fair #sad face.
I know you all might not agree with me, so let me know what you think. Who was your favorite and/ or worst and who do we disagree on. It is always fun to read your comments. 
Thanks for stopping by. xoxo



  1. We nid more!!!!!

    1. hahahaha more are on the way hun.

  2. I don't like Marvis ' s outfit.the pants aren't well tailors.Mookeh u wan take all man ei class? ???Dilong looks great.to me she was the best.syndy fall my hand.tge africa ......designer less is more.lots of things going on with her outfit.Germaine has never dressed to my satisfaction.she needs a stylist and has to learn how to collaborate with designers.Daphne!!!!We go jail this pikin.she has/always has hair issues.miss p's dres doesbt fit well around the arm hole.all man di play safe there wasn't anything fashionable about the redcarpet pictures.

    1. hahahaha NOTHING fashionable? Na wa ooo

  3. Nice post mookeh.....totally agree with u on everything

    1. Thanks hun. I need to start seeing you on those red carpets as well.

  4. Lol. @ "Was not a kokobar event"...OK.

  5. Something else could go in place of the "kokobar" in your post rather than that defamatory declaration..

    1. It wasn't mean to be a 'defamatory declaration' bro. It was meant to be a publicity. Kokobar hosts the best night events in Buea, No jokes. It was meant as a compliment.

  6. So bicos I tok say I go start ma fashion BIR, na why u no police me eh? I jo di laf me you ya.😂😂😂😂😂 Me and Ruth di roast ya cane, u aff die beating

    1. hahahaha Calvino u again? gerrahier #idilafyou

  7. Mooks I assume this post is amazing, I wouldn't know becoz u lost me when u mentioned a bush faller somtin, I went a line further den still didn't copy...then I stop fo read me. That said, I hope Nji Asonganyi's pic is here wt all due praises, lol, me sef hein. Anyway just tot to let u know, dt line was a total deal breaker for me, ME OH, Nebi all man. Maybe ill go thru another time. Love you.

    1. Lol Anyi, i feel you though. I was trying to explain that 2 of the 3 girls are bushfallers and i expected more from them. Lol English 101

  8. You doing a good job sister gurl,keep it up,we dey wait more

  9. Now trending on Facebook got me to this blog.

    Whoa! Muke your standards are high oh!!

    Anyi's comment got my attention so I checked out the bushfallers pic. Whoa! their accessories are on point. Massa, them don finish all their under box attending wedding, court, thanksgiving things them. Make dem repeat clothes for event? In my own opinion they did rep.
    Now your assessment of Ruth most likely instigated the recent comment "NURSE or a CREDIBLE BLOGGER" Do we know the budget for hosting? Was it part of the budget to change multiple times? Check out Miss P show on fbk where she did explain herself.

    By the way these criticism back and forth will hopefully encourage sponsors to invest in Cameroon artist so they can rep. you know like Oscars red carpet they take out jewellery on loan, hire, designers sponsor etc. We are still rising.

    EB Creations thumps up!! Beautiful Nsang.