30 October 2016

A Picture of Davido and a UB girl? True or Not?

Happy Sunday MK Readers, Hope you guys are having a lovely day. Me I di vex oo. I am in no way a gossip blogger and do not intend to be one but this got me mad and i just had to address it. I felt a Facebook post will not be sufficient so i decided to blog about it. I say eh! Why are some Camer men/boys like this? Why do they find pleasure in tarnishing the image of Cameroon especially UB girls? I went to that school you know? And I can swear that not every UB girl is the same. Still don't know what I am talking about? Well, Nigerian superstar David Adedeji Adeleke aka Davido was in Cameroon this weekend for a grand concert that was held last night. And according to one guy (didn't care to know who he is), a UB girl slept with him and took a picture. (Proof Below)

However that is NOT TRUE because that picture is from 2012. It was taken by a Nigeria girl who wanted to prove that she slept with Davido. You can read the blog posts below.

My point is, please let's not make up stories where there is none. I di beg na beg. Did girls throw themselves at Davido? Probably! May be! Do those girls need to have some self esteem and dignity? Of course they do. But Is that a UB girl in that picture? HELL NO!!!. As I said I know a lot of Smart, Intelligent, Beautiful, Ambitious, Goal driven, Career oriented, girls and women who went to UB. So abeg wona take am easy with the Fake stories. Don't make smoke were there is no Fire.
Thanks and have a lovely new week.

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