13 October 2016

Fashion Police: This Is Africa (T.I.A) Movie Premiere

Hey lovely MK Readers,
        Hope you guys are having a lovely week. As you may or may not know, Cameroon Rapper - Nabil Fongod aka Nabstar started a movement called TIA (This Is Africa) which is aimed at showcasing the beauty and diversity of Cameroon and Africa as a whole. The movement yield a song produced by popular Cameroonian producer Dijay Pazzo ---> Here  and a movie which was premiered on Saturday the 8th of October @ the Art City Short Film Festival in Buea. The movie is yet to be released, will keep you guys updated. Below are some of the artists and celebs who were present.

Model: Afor Tumban

This picture is not for the TIA movie premiere but from the diaspora Entertainment Awards were she won the Best Model Award. I just had to include her in this post. Congratulation on your win hun. Much deserved.

She looks absolutely gorgeous in an off shoulder mermaid ankara dress by Cameroon designer  Koko Nanga. She definitely slayed from head to toe. Make up and head piece were on point. she looks stunning.


TV Presenter: Joan Ngomba

Absolutely love the lace maxi dress.  I think it looks lovely on her, however, I wish she wore a nude underwear instead of black. Love the gold sandals and accessories. Also love her hair and make up, again I wish she had on a nude or dark colored lipstick.

 Rapper - Askia 

Probably one of the best red carpet looks I have seen Askia in. She looks gorgeous in this 2 piece peach crop top and maxi ankara skirt. The color of the outfit suits her skin and makes her glow though the top is a little ill fitting. I also love her hair and make up totally on point.


Actress Malvin Ann

I love the simplicity of this outfit and how she styled it. Do I wish she took more of a risk? Absolutely! However, she is a gorgeous girl and can pull off almost anything. I think she looks good, I wish the dress was a little shorter and she accessorized more to make the outfit more chic. 

 Fashion Designer - Reneta Ndisang

She looks gorgeous in a Fuchsia skater dress. I absolutely love her in this dress, it suits her body type perfectly. The detail around the waist makes her waist appear smaller. I love her accessories - clutch, cuff and black fringed sandals. Her hair and make up couldn't have looked any better. Best look I have ever seen her in. Salvage dot com

 Manager/ Socialite/ Promoter - Frida Fara

She dazzled in a white deep plunging bodycon dress and blue accessories. I love her hair, make up and accessories, however I have a love-hate relationship with the dress. I think it is not very flattering for her amazing body.  May be it is just the camera or may be it's just me. 

1) Model - T Pana    

2) Rapper, Actor and Master mind - Nabil Fongod aka Nabstar 

The guys looked stunning in outfits designed by the very talented Amah Bertrand. TP ( far left) when with a fuchsia and white 3 piece 'Abada'  while Nabil (center) opted for a grass field inspired outfit. The third guy looked amazing in black and white. Shoes and accessories were totally on point. 

 Fashion Designer - Amah Bertrand 

This guys always looks amazing. He is spotted in a purple and yellow 3 piece  'Abada' designed by him.  I wish he wore black shoes but he still looks great in brown.

 Music Producer - Dijay Pazzo ( Far right)

I am amazed by this outfit. Absolutely urban chic from head to toe. SALVAGE DOT COM. I love everything about this. The cap, glasses, hood shirt and shorts are just amazing and his shoes goes perfectly with everything. Pazzo beg attend more red carpet shows ya.


Absolutely love his outfit. Love the matching shirt and shoes.  Just the right accessories . 

 Model - Njotu

Absolutely looks great in his black tux. love the shoes as well

 Artist - Tzy Panchak

He went for a simple but chic outfit. Love the black and white look and accessories. I wish he had done more though.

 Founder of FIAFA - Fredash (center)

Actor - Frank Sire (Far right)

Fredash went for a South West ( Bakweri, Bakossi etc) cultural attire which I absolutely love. Frank when for a suit and tie kinda look. 

 L - R: #2) Dancer - Brenda Dery
Brenda looks amazing in bodysuit and pencil skirt. i love her hair and accessories. Her make up is flawless.
As always thanks for reading and don't forget to drop a comment. I will love to know what you think. Have  lovely weekend and stay tuned for Africa Fashion Police.


  1. Great writeup as usual mookeh. I passed by to read!

  2. Great Job Muke. Very professional ����. Keep up

  3. Muke stop this sugarcoating fashion police. you all are not doing our celebs good. I mean Askias top is a mess. say it as it is so they can learn and do better. i mean stop the ass kissing. Its obvious you all are afraid to be bashed. Malvis ann is gorgeous ooh but that dress on the red carpet is nAy to the nada. Reneta nailed it from head to toe. I only wish she can take care of her hair. i mean if she wants to keep dreadlocks let her do it neatly. Cameroon entertainment is growing we need constructive criticisms to raise this celebratires. Else we go knack 10 years remain for the same position.