3 April 2013

Welcome the Gorgeous Professional Make up Artist and My Friend: ANYI.

Hey Guys,
                So as you may or may not know, Today, I am doing 3 posts for you guys, Just to celebrate the Easter weekend and to prepare you all for the new month coming up. You may not know this but I SUCK at makeup #BIGTIME. No matter how many you tube videos I watch I just don't seem to get it. Trust me I have tried. I have collections of brushes, eye shadow palettes, primers and foundations from e.l.f and MAC but no matter how much i try i just can't get it. * Abeg no laugh ya, na serious thing*. Any way, I am not ready to give up yet so I invited my hot, gorgeous make up artist friend and former classmate, Anyi ( Founder and CEO of OZI by Anyi) to give us tips on how to do our make up and look gorgeous without going over the top. Before she starts with the lessons I thought it will be important for you all to know about her. So I decided to do a little interview with her. Here it goes, hope you enjoy it and love her like I do.

  Hi Anyi, thanks for accepting to do this collab with me and featuring on my blog. It’s great having you.Before we start our makeup/ beauty lessons am sure everyone will like to know a little about you.

   Who is Anyi? 

Anyi is a young, talented, vibrant and strong lady in her mid 20s who hails from Fontem, a Sub-Division in the Lebialem Divison of the South West Region of Cameroon. The 3rd of 4 Glamorous Asonganyi off-springs  A Fashionista extraordinaire ,and a creative entrepreneur. She reads a lot of books because she loves to learn. A good cook (giggles) and a Christ believing woman

  * Is it just me or does she have all the qualities of a strong and potentially successful lady?*

* Talk about fashionista Extraordinaire* 

·        How long have you been a make-up artist and what made you start?

     Hmm, I've been a makeup artist since...13 yrs old.yeah! At that age I had a makeup kit already,my first, from my Mum. I will do makeup for my sister,my mum, and just anybody who came over. I was known as the makeup artist at school from form 3 to upper sixth. I'll groom all eyebrows, and I was the only person who did it for free. In secondary school I was the last stop for every girl before social evenings. It was just so much fun for me, the talent manifested naturally and easily...I'd say I got older and wiser and decided to make my hobby a pleasurable business 4 years ago

*I can vouch for that. During graduation every one ran to Anyi for make up tips and makeovers. Ya even yours truly*

·        Where do you draw your make up inspirations from?

     I'd say a whole lot of my inspiration is from within. I often tell my clients "I don't have an idea of what I'm about to do, but imma hook you up real good". When I lay my hands on a "face", I just keep going. I'm also inspired by the rainbow. Yess! That's a divine and unbeatable mix of colours. As a matter of fact, I almost branded my art "rainbow". I'm also very inspired by other great makeup artists, I appreciate good work. My family is my biggest support system and source of inspiration. I also havd amazing and inspiring friends.

·        What does your make up collection consist of?

     My makeup collection consists of everything; brushes, primers, foundations, concealers, powders, eye shadows,eye and lip pencils, pro eye liners,mascara, bronzes  blush creams and powders, lipsticks, lip glosses...just everything. I always go for original products as fake products could have a very negative reaction on the face.

     Where do you shop for all your make- up items?

     I shop everywhere I see makeup; USA, China, Nigeria and of course Cameroon. It takes a lot of discipline for me to pass by a makeup store, I always want to check them out.

·        How long does it usually take for you to have a complete make up done?

Makeup duration varies. I could do your makeup in 5 minutes or 30 minutes. It all depends on the look we are aiming at and the pressure involved. For brides, I like to take all my time, between 30 mins and 1 hour. At fashion shows, super speed, that can be 15 mins or less. It just depends...

·        How did you learn to do make up? Did you ever take any classes or was it just an in born talent?

I didn't have to go to school to be a makeup artist. Its a divine gift, a talent, an inborn art. I didn't have to watch anybody do it, I just know it and I can't explain how. Now I take a lot of personal lessons online because to me, learning never stops, we never know too much. Maybe i'll go to a makeup school someday, we would see...

* for someone who never went to school to learn how to do makeup, she is pretty good at what she does*

·        Ok let’s talk about OZI by Anyi coz am a big fan. Why the name OZI and what services do you offer?

OZI, OZI...that's my baby, my vision. OZI is a word derived from the Hebrew name of God "Yahweh Ozi" , translated to English as " The Lord My Strength". The name alone speaks volumes, at the mention of the name, I am reminded of the fact that my vision cannot fail because it is not by my strength. The name is a blessing to everyone who says it (or tweets it, hahahaha). At the moment, we offer Professional Makeup Services and Afro-Inspired Fashion accessories. There is so much more to come.

* hahahaha that means I am a blessed child coz i say and tweet about it all the time. WINKS*

·        Which artists/events have you work with?

So far, we have done makeup for movies with Producers and Directors like Agbor Gilbert, and Neba Laurence(NFORLEMS), music videos with artists like the RYTHMS of NHNR, fashion shows with brands like Afroshic and Messanga Fashion House, beauty pageants like Miss West Africa Cameroon, photo shoots with models like Nsang Dilong and brands like Ego Glam and Messanga Fashion House, Photographers like Penjo Baba of Penjo Entertainment, and a hand full of weddings, just to name a few.

·        How can someone book a makeup appointment with OZI by Anyi and what is the price range?

For bookings ,ozibyanyi@gmail.com+237 93 22 22 33, BB PIN: 316E6001, twitter: @OZIbyANYI. Very easy!!!

* I like she avoided the price question. coz the prices vary but they are also very Affordable*

·        Which artist/ people in Cameroon and Abroad will you love to work with?

I would love to work with the Hair Stylists and Fashion designer Mookeh, I also long to work for the record label Black Triangle and the Video/Film director Mbeng Mbeng... And so many others!

* awwww Mookeh can definitely not wait to work with you. I will probably have to steal you and bring you to Canada, hahaha ya am that selfish, lol*

·        Where do you (OZI by Anyi) see yourself in 3 years time?

In 3 years...hmmm. OZI will be a leading beauty, fashion and lifestyle brand, a whole movement. Too huge I can't find the right words to describe, just watch out, keep your eyes on us, hahaha.

* talk about DETERMINATION!, that's what you get when the Lord is your strength. Can't wait to see you fulfill your dreams hun*

·        What advice do you have for girls/women about the amount of makeup they apply? Because there is a controversy that women look completely different with make than they naturally do. What do you have to say about that?

Some women don't know the different amounts and style of makeup to use for various occasions which to me is okay because nobody can know everything. But there are so many ways to learn the basics of makeup, like watching videos online. And there is available help from makeup artists like me, so women who go wrong simply choose to go wrong. What I always tell my clients is this, keep it neutral and simple in the day, and bring out the artist in you at night, hahaha. I think women like to try new things on their faces and that's just okay, besides, practice makes perfect right? Hahahahhahaha.

* awww you just answered that like the professional you are*

·        What advice do you have for young girls who want to become a makeup artist like you, and to make up novice like me who want to learn how to do their basic day to day make up? 

I think make up can totally transform a woman and it can also simply enhance a woman's natural looks. It all depends on the type of makeup applied. Over the years, I've literally turned water into wine with some faces, and with others, I just filter the water. Some faces need more work than others, some events require more drama than others...its relative.
Makeup artistry is fun, but you must begin with a lot of research. Don't get into it blindly. Understand the business part of it perfectly and do your best to polish up your art daily. You can take courses on it and watch many videos online. Make sure you learn a new trick daily.

For novices, I offer makeup tutorials, and other makeup artists do too. You can take on a tutorial, or take online tutorials, simple ones. Make sure you start light and neutral and practice often as that's the easiest way to get better at anything.


Thanks so much Anyi for your time . It's always great to get some advice from you. Can't wait for you to start giving us some lessons.

Please don't forget to follow Anyi on twitter @AnyiAsonganyi , @OZIbyANYI , like her facebook page OZI by Anyi  and follow her on facebook Anyi Asongamyi. Also call and book appointments if you are in or around Cameroon. You will definitely be seeing more of her. 

Thanks for stopping by and as usual please drop a comment, or make up questions you will like Anyi to answer. 
        Have a fab weekend


  1. wow......CONGRATULATIONS mukson.....to say am proud of u is an understament.......am ecstatic.....u go girl n u do really good interviews too. u r living my dream girlfriend, so u better live it well oh for both of us(hahahahaha) and i hav no doubt in my mind that u will explode soon.....God is ur strength dear, keep doing ur best n he will finish this good work he started in u.....love u to bits mami and keep up the good work.....hope u know who calls u mukson...*wink wink*

    1. hahahaha ofcourse,only one person in this whole universe calls me Mukson and it's Mponge Metuge Victorine Patience Angel. Thanks sooo much hun. it truely means a lot. i will definately live it for both of us and one day u will live it with me. Amen oo May God continue to be my strength oo coz e no easy. Love u tooo lots. hope to see u in August.

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    1. awww thanks Berenice. kisses right back. lots of love hun.

  3. Your article was so very informative and I enjoyed reading your book..thanks for sharing this to us.
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    1. thanks soo much hun. and please stay turned. thanks again