12 July 2013

DIY: How to Achieve an Ombre Hair

Hey guys,
               I know this post has been a long time coming since you guys have been asking me how I achieved the look for my new hair style. Some of my readers have been asking for a video tutorial , the truth is I wasn't planning on doing a post or tutorial on it. Luckily i took some pictures while i was doing it #THANK GOD, So i will just try to explain what I did using the pictures. Mind you I wasn't planning on doing this post so the pictures are not perfect but I will try my best to make it work. Also, I promise to make a video when next a do this to my hair. so if you are in Windsor and you need help to achieve this look, Just shoot me an email and i will be willing to help. So here we go, Enjoy and don't forget to leave any questions and comments below.

Firstly, Most Ladies think that Ombre is a hair color, it isn't. Ombre is a french word meaning "shade or shading". Ombre Hair usually fades from a darker roots to lighter ends of your hair, So you can have pink, blue , red etc etc ombre hair but today I will be talking about achieving a brown - blonde ombre hair. This is a great way to add some sexy and hotness into your summer. it just makes you look stylist, hot and smoldering and the good thing is anyone can pull of Ombre hair no matter your skin colour, race or hair type. Some many celebs have been rocking this hair style from Rihanna, Ciara to Khloe kardashian

So to achieve this lovely look,


 - Virgin Hair ( Brazilian, Peruvian etc etc),
 - 30 Volume Developer,
 - Hair bleach (Quick Blue, ),
 - Plastic bowl,
 -  Spatula or wooden/ plastic spoon,
 - Aluminium foil

Step 1:  

Grab your 30 volume developer, and any hair bleach you want (mine is Quick white) . You can also use 40 vol if you want but it might be too harsh for your hair.

Step 2: 

Pour the powder bleach into a PLASTIC bowl, add your developer and mix.

 You have to make sure that it has just the right consistency not too thick and not too light.

CAUTION: I emphasized on using a plastic bowl coz a metal bowl may have some reactions with the products of the bleach, Also make sure to open the windows before mixing because there will be some emission of Hydrogen peroxide and u really don't want to suffocate. Plus don't forget to put on gloves and be careful with your eyes.

Step 3: 

Make sure you comb your hair very well and place it on a foil paper. If you have enough surface space, then spread the hair out (single / double standed) but if you don't have enough space like me, then tire your hair in a bundle but you have to make sure that the mixture goes every where.

Step 4: 

Start applying the mixture to your hair. make sure to start from the bottom and place it up to the point where you want your hair to be the lightest. comb through it till the product is everywhere, wrap in the foil and keep till you notice a change in color. The length of time varies with the type of hair, if the hair is virgin, it will take a shorter time. Mine took about 10 - 15 minutes which is really short. Just make sure to keep checking. Also note that you are going to be adding other layers too the last layer doesn't have to get to your deserved color before adding the other layers. (i don't know if I even make sense, lol). Hope you understand what i mean tho.

Step 5: 

When you notice a significant color change on the first layer you applied, add another layer a couple of inches above the first, and repeat step 4. If you want to have just 2 layers of color in your hair, then make sure that the band between the dark part of the hair and the colored part is irregular and fades well into each other so as to give it a natural and blended look. Sorry i don't have a picture for this step coz as i said i was planning on doing this post. I wanted my hair to have 3 layers of color so I had to put the bleach trice.

Step 5:

 Finally, Wash the product out of your hair, shampoo and deep condition the hair. You will need to have a very good conditioner to restore the moisture in you hair. if not it will be very dry and flaky .

After washing. take not that the color of the hair doesn't really show when the hair is wet.

 And VOILA LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!, there you go, your naturally looking Ombre hair

I hope this was really helpful to you . Just leave a comment if you have any questions, and let me know what you think. If you decide to try it then just send me a pic. Thanks and have a lovely weekend.


  1. This is so sooo helpful Alison! I had no idea this was how ti gets done. I still wouldn't trust myself to do it on my own but this is a start!
    P.S. my new site is up and running and renovated! Check it out here: www.canneverbeaskiinybish.com

    1. hahahahaha u need to trust urself a little more tho. lmao. Check your blog already, love the new layout,the designs and colours.Plus u have ur own domain now, woohh woohhp

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    1. Thanks hun. just visited ur page. it's pretty cool, wish i were in e US tho :)

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  4. Thanks so much for this, i really like the way you went about it.
    I really want to try it out on one of my old weave, the only problem is the hair bleach you used is different from ours, but who knows what the outcome might be.*Laughs*
    I'm in Sierre Leone by the way and i'm a freshman in the blogging world.
    All the same thanks.
    Don't forget to check out my blob maybe you'll give me some tips, http://yattanushkabba.blogspot.com
    Lets keep intouch....*Byeeeee*

    1. Hi Nush, Thanks for reading, you don't have to use the same bleach i used, any bleach will work just fine. Just go to a beauty supply and get bleach and a developer. i am very sure it will work just fine. I actually check out your blog and i love the designs you feature. I just feel like stealing all of them. The only tip i can give you is that u should try to blog often. i started blogging in march just like you. Just blog more often coz u are already going great. But you are in Sierra Leone so i totally understand some of the set back u might be having. I will definitely stay in touch. Don't heistate to ask for my help if you ever ned it. ONE LOVE