17 July 2013

Song of the Week: Africa (Higher Higher) by Debra Debs

Hey guys,
             Another outstanding song of the week. Africa (higher higher) by Debra Debs has been the talk of Facebook and other social networks for a while now. Just a little over a month since it was released and it has almost 1.5 million views. Yes, people you heard right it's in millions and it's no wonder why. From it's captivating message to her stunning voice and woowing video quality/ directing, there is no doubt that this song deserves millions upon millions of views, countless awards and why not a Grammy. This is the most viewed Cameroonian music i have ever seen, and the support is not just from within Cameroon but from all over the world. it's CRAZY. In my opinion, She is like a younger, BETTER version of the Nigerian female artist, Asa. As I said my opinion, lol i love Asa but Debra is giving a running for her money #BIGTIME. lol let me stop talking. Just watch and let me know what you think. I have no critic about it. And let's not forget Mr Ndukong Bertrand aka February 16th, the amazing director of the video. 100 Thumbs up bro. You have done it again. This is just tooo PERFECT, *Hats off to you*.

Let's all strive to go higher in everything we do, No more lower. We are better than what they portray us to be. Thanks for this Debra, gives me strength to wake up every morning with a new and bigger dream. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below and if you will like to know more about Debra Debs, also let me know so i can interview her.

Have a lovely week every one, We Africans are BLESSED, Never forget that.

Lots of LOVE

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