2 July 2013

Worst Dressed At The BET AWARDS 2013

Of course you know when ever there is a best, there is a worst. Here is the list of the worst dressed at the BET awards 2013. Unfortunately or fortunately, there is no guy on this list, they are all girls. Again, this is very subjective and it's based solely on my opinion. Let me know what you think.

MC Lyte, I don't just get this outfit. the dress doesn't flatter her body at alll, the shoe, bag and accessories do not go together. i don't know oo but i don't like it

Kat Graham, her Versace dress is gorgeous ooo but i don't think it's good enough for the red carpet esply an awards.and the shoes, hmmm.  Just my opinion

Naya Rivera. I don't even know what to say about this outfit, it's just like she pulled a pullover from her closet, put on a shoe and started running out of the house. #BAD choice. doesn't work for me at all.

Gabrielle Douglas, Sorry boo but you need to fire your stylist. it is a very lovely dress, don't get me wrong, but it's not for her body type. Not at all. she needs to be rocking skater dresses not this. She is still too young to pull off such dresses.

Skye Townsend. Apart from the fact  that it looks trashy, it doesn't look good on her. This is an award for god sake!

I am a HUGE Ciara fan but i was grossly disappointed with this outfit. She looks stunning it it but this is not how a lady dresses to an award. Wayyy too much skin.

That is the list of the worst dressed at the BET. As I said that is my opinion so let me know what you think. Who was your worst dressed?

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  1. they really need to get their fashion senses together lol