17 July 2013

New Song Release: Hein Pere by Stanley Enow.

Hey guys,
                Before I even start giving you giste about this new song, Let me just say how addicted I am to it. As in this song is DOPE to the DOPIEST. lol does that even make sense? Anyway thanks to this song I have found my new Slang - " Sexy Mackerel". Just love it. lmao so if anyone calls me Sexy Mackerel a no go vex. Lmao Stanley Enow go kill me oo. Learn a little about him below.

Attitude – check, stage presence – check, great images – check; Stanley Enow is the new must know name being uttered from every Cameroon urban music lover’s mouth. In such a short space of time, this young rap artist in his 20s signed to his own indie label Motherland Empire; has become synonymous with a new youth order vying for change and recognition within the small scale industry seeking to elevate its status within the African and international milieu. The buzz around him has become so huge so fast so much so that his award hunting debut single “Hein Père” is not only the biggest hip hop track of the moment released since April but is also the only contender for the most memorable and worthy track within the Cameroon music scene this 2013.

 This most anticipated debut video for “Hein Père” shot in Douala, Cameroon by the renowned video director Shamak Allharamadji was finally launched online last Saturday after a few days air play on Trace TV and the reception has been tremendous. With just 3 days to go, the video has already received up to 11,600 views an indication of the thirst and hunger from his followers and fans which includes Cameroonian bloggers, media reps in Cameroon and abroad as well as famous French rap stars.

The video has been endorsed by Pit Baccardi and Corneille; both very popular artists in the French urban music scene (Twitter excerpts below). The track/video is a vivid yet satirical expression of the hustler’s life. “Hein Père” is not only a phenomenon but has also found its way into the Cameroonian “street” lingo. The track is off Stanley Enow’s debut album “Soldier Like My Papa” scheduled to be released soon.

Watch the video below. this is one of my favorite Camer songs at the moment and the director just brought it to life. Camer artists are moving up the ladder geometrically, hope he wins many awards coz this song NA DIE!!!!!, See what i mean

 Purchase the track on iTunes here: Hein Pere

As ususal let me know what you think about this song and if you will like to know more about Stanley Enow, also let me know.




  1. Oo thanks Muks as usual u made me to have a better idea of an artist I barely knew. I listened to this h père last mounth on utube I was like hmmm! The txt the beat are just so catchy. When I watched the video I was definitely in shock. Yea Muks we wanna know more abt him. Could u interview him?

    1. Aww thanks my very faithful reader. I definitely will, having an interview w him this Saturday . There is a very special twist to the interview. It's going to be very interactive. More info will be on our Facebook page. So stay tuned. And thanks for ur constant visit to my blog.

  2. I might send a couple of question to u if u don't mind. I just want to know more abt this dude. I will surely use my savings to produce this dude. Seriously

  3. Of course, please do send any questions u have, u can just email them to mookehthebrand@gmail.com. Lol how can u use all ur savings on him, thought u were supposed to use it to " officially make me ur stylist"?. Lol just kidding. He is really good tho. Please spend the doh Oo. We need investors like. In the camer net industry. Like seriously. Thanks for always reading tho. Means a lot . :)