19 September 2013

My Silver Birthday Dinner

Hey lovlies,
                  How are you all doing today and how is the month of September treating you? This month is absolutely my favorite month of the year, Firstly because it's my month of birth and also because .... it's just the best. lol. Well, my birthday was on the 6th and since i had school all day, i couldn't do anything special, I just went out with a few of my friends, did a little dancing and went home (sad face). Anyway, I had my Birthday Dinner on the 14th and this is how it went down. It was a gold and nude kinda night for me. I wanted to look glam and effortless. So I kept everything very simple, sticking to my simple, and chic style. Since it was my Silver birthday, my initial idea was to wear a silver dress. Unfortunately, i couldn't find a silver dress that I loved, which suit the occasion, and which could be shipped to me in less than 3 days. So I went for a Gold dress from Nasty girl. It's kinda reflects gold and silver depending on the lighting and in most of my pictures it looks Silver , Whoop whoop!!!. lol but it's actually kinda gold. Hope you like how I styled this lovely dress by Nasty girl. All the details of my outfit is below. Thanks to all my lovely friends who made my night very special and to all those who sent me happy birthday messages/ wishes on Facebook, Instagram, etc etc. You made this special year even more special. A special thanks to all my readers, I might not know you personally but i really do love you all. A blogger is nothing without his/her readers and you guys make my day every single day. Much love and I promise you there are better things to come so subscribe and stay tuned. Mwahhh!!!!!

Dress from Nasty Girl

Lucine Hair, Styled and installed by Me (Mookeh Hair)

Clutch: Aldo

This kiss is for you all, love you guys mwahh!!!!!

bracelets (l - r) : Aldo, Le chateau . Watch ring : Claire's

Necklace: Le Chateau

Shoes: Le Chateau

Earrings: Le Chateau. lol almost everything was from Le chateau #SMH

With my very gorgeous, lovely sister and photographer (Nellie). lol she is not a professional photographer but she takes all the pictures for my blog. Love her lots

My lovely Friend Angeline Morris (Liberian Girl * in Micheal Jackson's voice)

Gorgeous Gorgeous Congolese Friend : Stella Bolombo

My Naija Babe - Saidat Oseni, Me and Stella

Ghanian / Azonto Babe: Salome

And then it was time for item 11

Yes ooo, i am 25. I can't even remember the last time I had a birthday cake or blow out candles, lol I feel old ooo

Stella, telling me to make a wish, lmao wonder what I wished for.

l-r : Stella, Angeline, Salome, Me, Nellie, Saidat and Precious

Side details of the hair and dress

Hair extensions: Lucine Hair  
Hair done by : Mookeh Hair
Earring: Le chateau (similar)
Necklace: Le Chateau
Bracelets:  Cuff  from Le Chateau here. Aldo - here
Dress: Nasty Girl
Shoes: Le Chateau

 Thanks for reading, don't forget to let me know what you think by commenting below. your comments always makes my day. 



  1. You look gorgeous girl! The dress does look silver in a lot of pictures, haha.
    Happy belated birthday!

    1. Thanks love, I know right? i was even lucky to have found this one considering the short notice. thanks soo much for the birthday wishes. lol i need to come visit your new place. please save me a room. lmao. xxx

  2. Dang DANG DANG u lool INCREDIBLE!! U look stunning in this dress and I cant help it but ur boobs look AMAZING!!! Wish i had been there lol x x x ;)

    1. hahahahaha lmao. who is this? thanks tho. you are incredibly funny

    2. Lol I forgot I wrote this! Its true tho u look incredible! The dress and ur hair is beautiful. Its great to be a man with someone so stunning to see that's all I can say! Lol ;) x