28 September 2013

Songs of the Week

Hey guys,
                 It's been a while since I have done a song of the week post but i couldn't resist doing one today. There are a couple of hot new songs I just had to bring to your notice. The Cameroon music scene has been booming for the last couple of months and I am super duper proud. From our new rap Anthem "Hein Pere"  by Stanley Enow to Monika by Denzyl and many others. Today, I bring you four recently released songs that I have been dancing and knodding to for the past days. Listen, comment and Share. Also let me know of any other new songs in the scenery that I haven't put up yet. Merci et je vous souhaite un bon weekend. Gros Bisou , Alison

Disclaimer: the songs are not in order of merit or preferences.

First up, Jovi feat Reniss - B.A.S.T.A.R.D  "Bastard kwacoco inside mbanga soup", A bi bastard blogger inside bastard times, lol let me leave the singing to the experts. This song is Dope, love the beats, the song arrangement and Reniss's addition to the song. The lyrics is dope however, I just keep getting lost coz I don't understand some of the pidgin. A bi thing say a know pidgin but Jovi e level pass ma power. A no go lie. Anyway na still BASTARD SONG though and as the song says Jovi na BASTARD grand.


What can I say about this song? All I can do is CONFIRM!!!!. the lyrics is SICK!!! "the blacker the better, the juicer the sweeter". The finer, the sexier, lmao, I just had to add mine. But on a serious note though, I have nothing to critic about this song. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! it. @ Nabstar I bow grand. For someone who has been out of Cameroon / Africa for a while, your pidgin is ON POINT!!! just can't get enough of the lyrics, and beats. All I can do is CONFIRM!!! . S/O to Laura aka ProudKamerLady , I see you, babe.


Where do I start with this one? Have you ever wondered how a mixture of makossa, reggae, coupe decale and ndombolo will sound like? well that's what this song contains and Damn!!! is it GOOOD!!!!!. i just love this song from beginning to end. the beats, lyrics, mixture of pidgin, french, english and lingala is just SICK!!!. DBOY is a Cameroonian artist based in South Africa. His full name is Daniel Lyonga. Yes people, I do my homework. lol


Mehn!!! this song is one of the biggest shocks of this month, the song is just tooo DOPE!!! Cameroon ooo. Don't personally know the artist but he needs a crate of beer ya. I am guessing this is his first single and he just knocked it out of the park. I personally thing, the lyrics needed a little more dept and flesh but that's just my own silly opinion sha. Plus it is his first single soo it is very much expected. Apart from that, beats and concept is SICK!!!. And OMG the production, just can't get over that. @Adah I hail, grand frere. The video looks like it was shot in the US or something. Keep up the goodwork oo. By the way, i am still learning how to do the "Aleka" dance, na so they di spell am?

So there you have it guys, those are our songs of the week. What do you guys think? please let me know by leaving a comment below, they always make my day. Have a lovely weekend.


  1. Dance till we kolo sick! Waoo Muks u selection so dope. The videos quality just Waooo. I hope this my friend petit pays sees what the call music video or clip.