10 September 2013

ON EST HIGH PERE!!!! Stanley Enow's In the house. #HeinPere

Stanley Enow aka Bayangi boy aka HEIN PERE. Is a Cameroonian Afro Rap Artist whose out burst into the music scene has created a revolution, a movement and a massive buzz. In my opinion he is the most talked about Cameroonian artist right now, considering the fact that his record breaking single HEIN PERE was released on July 13, and in just 3 weeks, it  had over 62,500 views, now it has over 150, 000 views and has been the talk of the year.Since the release of his single he has been touring Cameroon performing in Douala, Yaounde etc. He also performed with Flavour ( Nigerian Artist) at two sold out concerts in Douala and Yaounde and to Crown it all he performed at the Cameroonian Match against Libya last week. If this guy doesn't get to international recognition then there is something seriously wrong. I personally can't wait to see him on a stage in Toronto and Montreal ( I need to work towards that). Anyway, I was very honored to be one of the first bloggers to interview him when his song was released 2 months ago. And here is our little tweetinterview. Shout out to all my tweeps and Hein peres and Meres who followed this interview on twitter, the turn out was Hamazing!!!! LMAO. This was the first of my MMPR tweetinterviews and this is how it went down.

ALTF:  Hi Stanley aka Bayangi boy. Neh yee!!. Thanks for accepting to do this interview. it's a pleasure to have you here. 

Stanley Enow: Hello mere. Hi to ma peeps from across the globe

  • I am sure everyone wants to know, who Stanley Enow Is?
Oh I go by the name of Ebai Enow Stanley. I reside in Douala and is rep for Cameroon

  • Woow so u be "don 4 kwat"!. lol If you were to list 3 things you like about yourself what will they be?
Nope I am "HEIN PERE" lol. 3 things I like about my self is I am Self disciplined, hard-working and I no di fear sofa

  • haha you be "#HEINPERE" i knew you will say that. Na so my brother SDF. Why music of all the things in the world you could do?
I used to say music chose me.yeah
  • Wooow now that's DEEP!!! LOL, At what age did you start Rappx/singing?
I started rapping back in high school, form one. Guess its when I was 12

  • Woow that was young!! i guess it was in born. If you weren't a musician, What would you have been? 
A soldier like my father
  • Lol, i guess i should say thank God you choose Music. *SMILES* .When did you get into the Cameroon music industry? Please tell us your journey.
I've been working for like ten years now and that's it. What popped out from the kitchen #HeinPere   
  • Woow cool! How will you describe your style of music?  
My kind of music is globally rap but my kind of style is palapala rap. yep

  • Hahaha palapala rap na which one noh? my brother? please explansiate oo. We want to know. has gotten everyone on their feet, dancing and talking. What does Hein Pere mean? and what inspired it?
lol Hein Pere is kinda like "Yes Sir" in the English man's world.but Hein Pere is to say we are on. Cameroon's about to rise up
  • awww "YES SIR" we are definitely on the rise. The video of your song is . Who came up with the concept?
Both of we. My video director and my team. We wanted to bring some dream in it.

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  • You definitely brought the dream bro. Talking about your video director could you tell us about him? 
the video director goes by the name of Shamak Allharamaji. He is so hard working and strict as hell
  • ahaahaha lol that's what makes a great video director and a great video. Is he based in Cameroon? and how did u guys meet?
Ah we've been down since suffer period lol. He is my Aboki since then though

Always Repping the MotherLand

  • Cool, I have been hearing of THE MOTHERLAND EMPIRE. What is it and who are the creators?
  • It is a movement, a record label etc. We also have Urban clothing and many more stuffs to come. I am the CEO and we have many other people who make up this Brand.

  • awww let me get this straight, you are the CEO of THE MOTHERLAND EMPIRE? Are there any other artists signed under your label?
They are still undercover.will tell u guys soon
  • Who are some of your music inspirations?
Talla Andre Marie,Kirk Franklin etc

At concert with Flavour 

  • Woow great music taste, love them too. lol i was expecting to see a rapper's name on that list but it's ok. :). Should we be expecting any collabs from you in the future? if so who do you have in mind?
yeah going to sample some Talla Andre Marie . yeah remix with Rick Ross. comin soon workin hard for that
  • REALLY!!!! Seriously??????????????? can't wait oooo
yeah wanna give some shots outs to ma peeps out there.God bless dem. let dem be on the lookout

Singing at during the Cameroon Match. Il etait High Pere

  • What makes your music different from all the other cameroon musics out there coz that song is BOOMING
yeah i think its Gods time.I really can't tell. Cameroonians too are blessing it tho
  • God's time is definitely the best. I listen to that song at least 10 times a day. lol i am not kidding. has over 150,000 views on Youtube. Did you expect it to get all the buzz it's getting? and how do you feel about it?

yeah I know we tried but such views are amazing.Thank God for Cameroon
  • Of course!! the song is great and our didn't disappoint either. I hope it gets millions of views. can't wait
Yeah hope it really does tho. We need it. By the way I go marry you lol

Stanley @ Akouma TV

  • hahahahhaha *blushing*. Abeg, no make something wey your female fans go throwe acid for ma face oo.
haha lol. I chose you tho

Stanley, His team and the Ladies of Akouma TV

  • Hahaha Thanks. Any advice for young Cameroonians who want to get into the industry?
I will ask them to keep calm and stay high pere!
God alone knows the plan...I move by faith and not by sight lol

AWW SOO SOO SOO CUTE. Stanley with one of the kids on a Children's Tv Show

  • Thanks hun. Thanks sooo much for your time. i know you are a busy man so BIG THANKS and LOTS of love from CANADA and thanks from your fans too, i know they will like me to say that. I am a huge fan. keep up the good work, Keep making us (Cameroonians) proud.
God bless you all .Thanks muchhhhhh
Stanley Enow and his PR Cynthia Tabe. The Biggest and Best PR Lady. If you need any Public relations agent this the lady to call. Check out my interview with her here  on how to contact her. Also Check out her facebook pages here and here.

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  1. lol interview!!

  2. wow.....mukson i love this....beautiful interview and straight to the point....i love that he corrected u about 'don 4 kwat'...hahahah, we no wan mix de two, this one is 'hein pere' n he sure is 'aight pere'...i love love the song and i am a huge huge fan and if he is reading, i am waiting for an even catchier sound from him soon, he should take advantage of the hype he is getting right now n release more singles like one or two, so they know that he is more than 'hein pere' n has better stuff to offer us his adorning fans....
    it was a playful interview, i found myself giggling like i was watching or listening live.....i am proud of u mukson and i love the work u r doing...stay strong dear bc it is cut throat biz but i also know u are a tough cookie....hopefully, u get to interview this 'hein mere' too someday soon...hahahahhaha...yehe nous voila mere...hahahaha....love u sisi..keep up

    1. Awww thanks love, hahaha I did the "Don 4 Kwat" thing on purpose, a be wan enter e small Lmao. Yes oo, i totally agree with you on taking advantage of the hype and releasing another song. Stanley na sense man, he has mastered the essentials of being a successful music artist branding and entertaining, trust me he ain't gonna sleep. He told me he is presently working on something *lips sealed* can't reveal it yet. lol. He is definitely reading and he has surely read ur comment. Lol ya, i had to make the interview playful coz it was live on twitter and i wanted to keep those reading and following very entertained, as thos they were watching a live interview. hopefully someday i get to do some live ones *winks*. lol i will love to interview u too some day. stay blessed hun. love u too. thanks for all the support

  3. Brilliant Muke, #Bayangi boy keep the spirit #heinpere

  4. Brilliant Muke, #Bayangi boy keep the spirit up #heinpere

  5. The interview was so great, just keepin goin bcoz we're high pere! Can ya feel it? hein pere

  6. yes the guy is good and so lucky,but i just think he is immetiatin Jovi.Jovi did a cover for pitie,an old congolese musician,and now enow wants to do marie Andrea.Jovi is the father of all Don for Kwat and weather stanly Enow like or not,e is a Don for kwat and he learnt from it.e style comot na from Jovi.

    1. Wehhh Cameroonians you guys like to set problems where there is none. first of all Stanley is not lucky, he is BLESSED. there is no luck in hardwork. Secondly, he is not Don 4 Kwat, he is Hein Pere, i thought he made that very clear in the interview. Also Jovi and Stanley support each other in their music careers so i don't know why u are trying to start fire in the rain. Plus no one is imitating anyone here. In my opinion they have two very different styles of rap/ hip hop. Finally, who imitates someone and beats them in their game?. Hein Pere is more popular than Don 4 Kwat ever was. Don't get me wrong i LOVE Jovi and i think he is vvvv talented but you can't compare him with Stanley , they are both great and talented Rappers with very different styles. I rest my case. Sorry if i was harsh, just had to make my point clear.

  7. Hahahahaha Muks the interview is the bomb... Me likyyy. On est toujours High!

    1. awww thanks hun. Moi aussi je suis toujours HIGH!!!

  8. /hey are you a journalist if not you should be thinking of becoming one because like for real you go the tallent ,please take this advise for real.

    1. hahahahah you just killed me. lol i am not a journalist oo, Never had any journalism experience. Infact i am a science student cent pour cent. Thanks soo much for the advice and for reading. Hope you stay tuned. Thanks again

  9. Nice one Muke. Hein pere is currently my jam!

    1. Thanks hun, it's my jam too oo. That's what i listen to every morning before i start my day :)

  10. Great interview!
    Ngwane Hansel

  11. one spirit manor

  12. straight up!!! i enjoyed every line of this itw. way to go Ndando!!!!