25 December 2013

Best Dressed Artists at the Cameroon Movies Merits Awards

Hey guys, so the CMM Awards was a couple of weeks ago and most of the artists killed it on the red carpet. As usual there were some absolute fails with i will not put up but these are the actors and artists who killed it. This is totally my opinion so you don't have to agree with me. My only advice to my fellow Cameroonian artists esply the ladies is to stay away from the bleaching creams and reduce the make up. Using make up artists like Anyi Asonganyi from OZI by ANYI and Sandra Ekukole from BIH-YOUTY. These are not in any order. That being said, here are the best dressed of the day

Sama Ndango aka Mr Fix It always kills the red carpet and he did it again. His style is very different from most but it definitely works for him

Cynthia Emade looks lovely in this yellow crop top and mermaid skirt by Afroshic clothing 
Kelly Azia rocked this look. looks like crop tops are the new "it thing" in Cameroon. Crop top and Lace see-through skirt by Afroshic Clothing

Sharon Dione in this black sweetheart evening gown by Afroshic Clothing. I know!!! third afroschic outfit. Reneta is definitely doing are homework and keeping up with the trends. Love her designs.  

Solange Yijika's outfit was ok. In my opinion it was too simple for an award show but she definitely looks stunning.

Sony Omar killed this ankara shirt and pants. He looks on point. Thumbs up.

Solange Ojong definitely nailed this outfit look. Sexy yet classy. love it. i just wish the make up was less though.

Lino ( sorry i don't know his real names). I love his tuxedo-like outfit. One of the best male looks of the night. Just wish he wore a black shoe. 

Last but definitely not the least, Frederick Keyanti looks stunning in this black suit. 


  1. Best Look Kelly Azia.Kind of Rock Chic with a twist.

  2. Bih and Anyi? wuna fight back stage? if you don't like their makeup plz share some knowledge since u r from yankee.

    from a lady in diaspora who encourages and loves female entrepreneurs.