25 December 2013

Nude & Sequin

Merry Christmas Guys,
                            Christmas is here and I want to do special posts dedicated to my lovely readers who have been there for me all year through. I am truly grateful for your love and support through out this year. and since it's  Christmas, i want to do something special for you too. Leave any questions you many have about fashion, style or even about me below. And i will do a post where i answer all your questions about What to wear for special events etc etc. My sister's birthday was last weekend and this is what I wore. My outfit theme was Gold and Nude. and so was my make up. I kept everything simple Yet SEXY and since it is Winter, i wore a lovely double breasted coat. Christmas gift from my lovely mom.

The Birthday Girl. My Sister and blog Photographer - Nellie

Me, Nellie (my sister) and Angeline ( our Friend)

There are the Healthy eaters, Nellie and Angeline

And there is Me. lol I eat whatever i feel like, Whenever i feel like

Lovely Coat from my mom. 

I love you all, thanks for all the love and support.


  1. Omg you and your sister look just alike!!! You both looked very nice


  2. U have no idea how good dat dress looks on u! lol from all angles! x x

    1. hahahha thanks hun. i guess i now have an idea *wink*

    2. He he I'm glad I could bring it to your attention! ;)

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