19 December 2013

Bright Light Project: Music Artists around the globe come together for a Great Cause

                                                                                                        Hey guys,
I bring to you one of the biggest projects of this year and the years to come. African music artist come together to make the world a better place by speaking through music. I am so excited and proud to present to you the Bright Light Project. Cameroonian artists Ben Decca, Dj Skeeper, Franco Bonghan and Superval are already part of this great project along side a host of other music artists from around the globe and the Mayor of Houston Texas, USA. 

What is the Bright Light Project about? The Bright Light Project is a Musical Approach in addressing Violence, Hunger, and Peace Across the oceans.The Bright Light Project mantras
 #StopTheViolence #StopKillingInnocentPeople #LetsLiveInPeace #StopViolenceAgainstWomen. 

DJ Franco (CEO) & DJ Skeeper - both from Cameroon
This is project in itself is a journey and long time coming. Endorsed by Annise Parker, Mayor of Houston,  written  5 years ago in Cameroon and after 10 months of hard work of over 20 artists from across the globe, the audio/video, and website were released  Sunday December 8, 2013  @ Zen's Restaurant & Grill in Houston Texas. In a press conference, the CEO of Franco Records Mr. Franco Bonghan defined the short and long term goals of the project in a one hour Q/A session. 

Project Crew

 Tanyi Jerry Tamfor aka Dj  Skeeper  (Artist, Pianist)  - Cameroon
 Nnena Anosike (Artist)  - Nigeria                                                
  Abizzy   (Artist) - Sierra Leone                       
Max  Ence (Guitarist) - Ivory Coast                 
Katumbella (Artist) - Angola
Ade Oniye (Artist) – Nigeria
Mr. V Sax (Saxophonist) -Nigeria                                              
Ugonna Anosike (Artist) - Nigeria                                             
Franco Bonghan (Franco Records) – Cameroon
Prince Noel (Promoter/publisher) - Nigeria 
MarQuis Trill  (Artist) – USA
Hefemi studios (Videographer/Photographer) – Tanzania
Chasta Callies (Artist)  - USA                                     
Ben Decca (Artist) - Cameroon                           
 Tajh Slim Knight Haye (Artist) – Jamaica
Wintafresh (Artist) - Eritrea                        
Njenga Giggz  (Producer)  (Xtrim Records) –Kenya
 Roland Ross (Artist) –Liberia
Emmanuel Niyenzima (Guitarist) -Democratic Republic of Congo
Anna Silva (Panelist) – Colombia
Naim Saba (Artist)- Liberia
Epie Valentine aka Supaval (Artist) –Cameroon

Check out this group song: it's absolutely AWESOME!!!!

Check out their website to participate: http://www.brightlightproject.org/

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