16 May 2013

Meet The Beautifully Stunning Cameroonian Actress & Model: Stephanie Maa

Hey lovelies, 
told you I had a lot of fun stuff for this week right? Well, Let's meet our guest for today, The very Gorgeous and Talented Cameroonian Actress and Model, Stephanie Maa. At only 23 years old she has starred in some high profile Nigerian Movies and Acted with some A-list African Actors/ Actresses. She has also written her own movie which will be out soon. Here is my Interview with 

  • ·         Hey Stephanie, thanks for accepting to do this interview, I admire what you do.

    o    You are  welcome. Thank you for the opportunity

    ·         Who is Stephanie Maa?

    o    My name Stephanie Raeleah-Ernestine Maa, I am 23 years old, I live in Houston Tx. I am Cameroonian moved here when I was 14 years old

    ·         Sincerely some people wonder if you are a Cameroonian coz of your beauty. Please can you clarify all their doubts? *I will love that J*

    o    I AM %100 CAMEROONIAN!! My Dad is Bassa from the french speaking part of Cameroon and my mom is Bakossi from the English speaking part. I was born in Hospital General in Yaounde
    *Aww people have you heard? this beauty is 100% Team 237, Not only dat but she is my Bakossi sister, Damn we Bakossi girls them fine oo!! Shet Mehn!* 

    ·         Did you grow up in Cameroon? And If yes when did you leave Cameroon. Which schools did you attend? (In Cameroon).

    o    Yes I grew up in Cameroon. Lived In Yaounde until I was 12 then moved to Tiko till I was 14. I went to primary school in Ecole du centre in Yaounde, then to high school in GBHS tiko. I left Cameroon in 2004 at the age of 14 

    ·         You are so good at what you do, when did you start modeling?

    o    Aww thanks, I started modeling at 16 when my mom enrolled me in John Casablanca Acting/Modeling school in Baltimore Maryland


    What made you start?

    o    I started doing pageants. Miss Teen Maryland 2006 but I didn't win. So after that a scouting agent contacted my mom about the modeling school.

    Talking about Sickle- Cell Anemia

    Dancing her tribal dance - Assiko

    ·         Sincerely, I think those judges were blind. lmao. So, is modeling just something you like to do or is it a career/ job?

    o    No absolutely not! Its just for fun. I am mostly an actress. But sometimes I do get paid to pose for the camera lol. Who wouldn't like that?

    ·         Lol I totally get that, btw modeling is always fun. Was it difficult for you to get into the modeling industry?

    o    No absolutely not! I don't believe in being stick thin to be a model. So when I went to the school it was comforting to see girls my size. That motivated me to do it more. Its not difficult anymore cause they are not so strict on size as they used to be.

    ·         I totally agree with you. I don't get why models have to be stick skinny. They don't even have any good fitting in clothes. *just saying*. How supportive are your parents of your modeling. Coz I know many African parents have a negative stereotype of modeling.

    o    Lol well I'm sure you know how a typical African family is specially when it comes to non-school related matters. They don't completely shun it. But they don't completely encourage it either.

    ·         Tell me about it! you couldn't be more right. Apart from modeling, you are also an actress right? What made you get into acting?

    o    Acting is my NUMBER 1 LOVE. I need to make sure I make that clear! When I moved to Houston in 2009 I went to drop a friend off at an audition for a Nigerian movie. The director saw me and asked me if I could audition as well. And I did. And the rest was history lol

    ·         We got you very clearly. aww talk about destiny. I watched one of your movies and I was really impressed. You are a very good actress and I am not just saying that, I mean it. How many movies have you acted in and what are their names?

    o    Awww you're so sweet. Thanks. I've done supporting roles in a few projects, Caught in The Web, This is Houston, The other Side of love. But my biggest role was in a movie called “The Bet” now “Husband Desire”. I just finish shooting a movie which I wrote myself. And currently working on other projects. My career is just building up.

    * oo ya just remembered. the movie I watched was HUSBAND'S DESIRE, you acted extremely well. Plus I bet I heard some Cameroon musics in that movie. Can I be honest? JJ Bunny sucks, She can't act at all. She is better behind the cameras. Don't get me wrong her movies are really good but she mustn't be in them ( Please don't tell her I said so oh lol).

      Check out the trailer for the movie "The Bet later" changed to "HUSBAND'S DESIRE".

    Click here for the full movie ---> Iroko TV/Husband's Desire

    ·         Aww can't wait to watch the movie you wrote. Please let us know when it's out . Where can some of your movies be found, for those who are interested in watching them.

    o    Any African store. Or online.

    Here they are guys: Thank me later :). 

    Click on each title to watch the movies on Iroko Tv: Husband's Desire , This is Houston , Caught in the webThe other side of Love. Make sure to check her out in these movies. trust me she is really good. #AllJokesAside

    ·         Which actors/ actresses have you worked with and which will you loved to work with in feature?

    o    Oh man! I've worked with the best. Van Vicker, Ramsey Noah, Kalu Ikweagu just to name a few. They are all sweethearts by the way. But I would LOVE to work with Majid, Tonto, Omotola and of course Genevieve

    ·         OMG, just hearing Majid's name makes me blush * hides face*. Any way, how can you be contacted for any modeling/ acting bookings?

    o    By email at stephaniemaa@yahoo.com

    Movie directors, and producers do contact this beautiful actress. Take it from me. She is really good.

    ·         Apart from modeling and acting which other things do you do?

    o    I sing (shhhh don't tell anyone) lol. But yes that's something I'm working on as well. Watch out for that.

    ·         Hahaha ok I won't tell * whispers*.What are some of Stephanie’s hobbies?

    o    Script-writing, kneading, singing, and hanging out with my dog Bella lol

    A pic of the very cute Bella

    ·         Aww. Not trying to brag but I have realized that Bakossi girls are very multi talented. Don't hate, people, it's not our fault. 
    I couldn't help but notice your love for fashion and shoes * hides face, ya I know, am kind of a stalker*, How will you describe your style?

    o    LOL its ok you’re not a stalker lol. My style is just a lil urban, a lil vintage, I try to mix it up. I love clothes, if it looks good on me...then why the hell not.

    ·         What are  some fashion items that you absolutely can’t live without.

    o    HEELS, my purse, my lipstick. That's pretty much it.

    ·         What is the most expensive item you own?

    o    My MK purse. And a few perfumes. I don't spend much on clothes. I spend more on shoes and purses

    ·         lol Me too. What is one of the items on your fashion wish list?

    o    I don't think I have one. I'm pretty much content with what I do have

    ·         Aww, I wish I could say the same about me but I always see new stuff I want lol #fashionAddict.  If someone was to steal your handbag now what will they find in it?

    o    My lipstick, wallet, Phone, and charger lol

    ·         awww, pretty simple lady * thumbs up* Do you plan on visiting Cameroon any time soon?

    o    Yes, but I'm not telling anyone when. I want to surprise everyone

    Reping Cameroon #Team237

    ·         I totally agree with you on that. If yes, what is the first thing you do when you get to Cameroon?

    o    EAT!!!!!!!!! then visit family and friends lol

    ·         I knew you were going to say that lol . Since you mentioned eating, What is your favorite Cameroonian dish?

    o    Oh man FUFU AND ERU! That dish will be the death of me.

    ·         Hahahahaha ROTFLMAO. sorry for laughing couldn't help it lol. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

    o    I see myself being successful and accomplished as an entertainer. Maybe married lol who knows.

    ·        Very ambitious, love that!  What advice do you have to young girls who probably look up to you and might want to be like you someday?

    o    DON'T GIVE UP! Don't listen to what people say or THINK of you. That's their opinion but that doesn't shape who you are. If I had listened to what people thought of me I would have committed suicide. People can be brutal. So just close your ears and keep your eyes on the prize.

    *Very well said, it's like you were directing that to me*

    ·         What do you have to say to some African parents who have a negative stereotype about modeling and deprive their daughters/sons from following their dreams to become models?

    o    This is not the old ages anymore! We Africans are becoming more and more westernized, the earlier they realize it the better. Let them live their dream and be happy in life.

    *I hope they read this tho.*

    ·         Thanks again Stephanie, it’s been a pleasure. And am truly happy to feature you. Wish you the very best in all your future plans.

    o    Thank you so much for the interview. Thanks.

    Sorry for the many pictures, Guys. She is soo gorgeous, i couldn't help it. Lol. Thanks for stopping by. Please leave your comments below and let me know what you think of my interview with this talented actress. Also let me know what you think of her, coz she seems really sweet and down to earth which I always love. Also if you are a very talented cameroonian and will like me to feature you on my blog or if you know any talented persons who deserves to be featured please leave a comment or shot me and email.

    Thanks and have a lovely day.
    Much love for Stephanie and myself.


  1. Hey Al,courage and many kudos to u!!! It's hard to find girls in Cameroon who step out like u to do their thing! When it comes to fashion, u're a murderer! But ur blogging/interview skills would benefit from a little face-lift...an expansion of ur vocab,a touch on ur eng expressions could make a big difference.no hating!! just helping u represent Camair better!

    1. hey dear, thanks. Ya I totally agree with you on the blogging/interviewing skills. As you might know i just started blogging 2 months ago. so I still have A LOTTTT to learn about blogging and doing write ups.Plus I am 100% a science student, literature was my worst subject in school. but I promise to learn more and get better at this. Thanks so much for ur comment coz it will make me better. thanks for stopping by andIi hope you come back often and comment more if u can. have a lovely day.

  2. great great interview, you pretty much touched every aspect of her life. She is beautiful. Great job

    1. Thanks dear. I trying my best still have a lot to learn tho

  3. Ok, ally let me finally say some things. Love the blogging, not asking u to brag after this. Like the previous comment, I will just add that you try to get ur writting reviewed before putting them up. This is not only abt blogging and entertaining pple but abt potrying someone in a spontaneous way and a bit of technique while writting will bring on more readers than u knw. At this point most of ur readers might be just cameroonians n girls to be precise*just saying*, I think u should look at top magazines that portray pple n see how the journalists use words to keep pple hooked. Not that u shld copy their style but use it to develope urs. Kuddos my heart, keep it raining abt camair.

    1. Lol Vera,(ya i know it's you). Thanks so much for the advice dear. I totally get your point. You of all people should know that writing has never been my thing, i am definitely working on making it better and more interesting. And as you advised i will learn from other bloggers and magazines. Thanks love and feel free to "say something" any time. love u, my heart.

  4. Skin Lightening is for Losers ....

  5. Those who skin lighten are losers, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, God is the one who has made beautiful brown skin. Does he hold us or does some white man hold us? Let our image be as God created it to be brown and beautiful. If I have to impersonate someone to be loved by that someone, then aren't I just helping that someone love him/her self more and me less?!? WAKE UP. LOVE YOUR SKIN. LOVE YOUR SELF!!!

    1. Just so you know dear, this young lady (stephanie) didn't lighten her skin colour. so there is no need for all this preaching

  6. Skin Lightening is for Losers ....