24 May 2013

Let's Talk Shoes 3: Wedges

Hey lovely fashionistas,
                                 How are you all doing? hope you are having a lovely week. TGIF!!. To all of you who are shoe addicts like me, I've got your back. I promised to bring you all the best shoe trends of Spring/ Summer 2013, and since I always keep to my promises, I have decided to complete the 2 remaining posts on the trends for the 4 main shoe types. If you haven't read the first to posts, here they are : Sandals & flatsPumps. Well, i know someone people prefer Wedges to Pumps, so if you are a Wedges lover, then this is for you. I love wedges just coz they are more comfortable but truth be told pumps make you look sassier , classier and hotter. Plus it's not easy to find a really nice and eye catching wedge shoe/ sandals. Anyway, this is just may opinion oo. Everyone is entitled to theirs. ok gurls here you go! 

Sneaker Wedges:
These are absolutely my favorite type of sneakers. They have taken sneakers to a whole new level of classy and sexy. Before these shoes came out, sneakers were used mainly for sports or by men/boys. but now! these could be worn with almost everything and almost everywhere. Jeezee!! I love them.

Get yours ---> Polyvore , Aldo

Mirror Metallic Wedges:
For personal reasons, these are not my favorite kind of shoes. But if there is anything i have learned as a fashion lover and a blogger, is that fashion is always evolving. So don't be surprised if you see me rocking one of these some day.
 Get yours -----> Polyvore

Lucite Wedges

i know everyone is like OMG is that how they call them? Lol i am just as surprised as you are coz growing we used to call them "glass heels" lmao. but ya they are lucite heels
Get yours ---> Polyvore

Printed Wedges Sandals: 

I love these coz they are a great way to add some color and "urban" feel to your outfit  However you have to be careful not to over match the outfit.
Get yours ---> Polyvore