3 May 2013

Interview with Sine

Hey everyone, how are you all doing? hope everything is moving well. Finally the weather has become hotter and brighter in Windsor. I couldn't be happier. The winter days are finally over :). Any way enough about the weather. Today, I bring you one of Cameroon's Biggest and Bestest Musician, SINE. Of all the interviews I have done, this is definitely one of the most exciting one for me. Just because I have been a HUGE FAN of Sine for years now. He is definitely on the list of my 5 favorite "New School" Cameroonian Musicians. I love love love his songs. Talk about talent. OK!!, Everyone, here is my interview with the Talented Sine. Hope you like it.

·        Hey Sine, I am truly excited and happy to have this interview with you. I have always been a fan of yours, since when you were a contestant on the Africa Star talent show. Thanks for doing this interview with me.

o   Thank you, Alison, it is a pleasure.

·         So who is Sine? (Your real names, age if possible, and a bit about your childhood/ background)

  My names are SINE TUM EMMANUEL, a singer/songwriter in my early thirties. I go by Sine, both on stage and off.  I went by Sidney on stage for a while, but now I am back to using my name - SINE. It is a name I inherited from my mother and I returned to using this name in homage to her. I grew up for the most part in Bamenda, where I attended primary and most of secondary school. It was at the university level that I one day decided that my desire to use my voice to impact the world far outweighed any apprehensions I had about a full-fledged career in music.

·       Aww you must really love your mom. How long have you been in the music industry?

o   I have been in the industry in one way or another for as long as I can remember. Now, if I had to choose which particular event marked my entry into the music industry, it would have to be my integration in the Coca-Cola compilation Dream 2006. I would therefore say I’ve been in the industry for about 7 years.

Can you make Sine out? I bet you can

·       7 years? woow.  When did you decide that music was what you wanted to do and what made you pursuit it?

o   My second year at the University of Dschang. You know, following a passion like music is a tough decision to break to your family and friends in our society. There were so many people who miss out on their calling due to pressure from society and/or fear of rejection. I was in that situation for a while, but it got to the point when I had to choose between doing what was safe (staying at the university) and following my passion. Very few things can compare to the feeling that I get when I am singing or creating music. I chose to follow my passion.

·       Take it from me dear, you definitely made the right choice. And I hope others learn from you. How will you describe your style of music?

o   Very eclectic. Due to my cabaret background, I’m very comfortable in most genres. I sing RnB, jazz, afropop, soul, makossa and more. On my upcoming album, I had the pleasure of working with TOUCHSOUND Music, who is a young Cameroonian producer (if you don’t know who he is, believe me when I say you will soon!). What we came up with is a good picture of who I am as an artist – a mishmash of different styles of music to create something international without losing the African touch, something fresh, and ultimately something uniquely SINE.

·     There is an up coming album? am excited.  Please could you give us a rundown of the songs you have released and  where they could be downloaded?

o   My most recent release is NJOKA NJOKA, which is thefirst single of my soon to be released album. This song can be found on iTunes, Amazon, and most other major music distribution sites. It can also be found on my soundcloud page www.soundcloud.com/sine-10 and the video is on youtube. I also have songs like On Va Danser, Number One and Koh Koh with can be found on most of the sites mentioned above. There is also a song called “Valentine’s Day” which was a small bonus for all the lovers out there and can be found on my soundcloud page.

·        Your songs KOH-KOH and NJOKA NJOKA are booming in almost every club in Cameroon and every Cameroonian’s phone (including mine). What inspired you to write and make your songs?

o   Njoka Njoka is a reflection of where I am in my life today. It is about taking time to enjoy yourself after you have worked hard (Note: After you have worked hard). You will hear “I di waka waka waka/ I di suffer suffer suffer”, and then it is time to “Njoka Njoka” (Njoka so nice, I had to say it twice!). Koh Koh was another great song, the product of the team with which I worked at the time. We wanted people to feel good, so we released a song that did just that.

·       I love the message of Njoka Njoka, i need more njoka in my system now, coz all work and no play makes ... Talking about working hard, what are you working on right now? Should we be expecting an album soon?

o   YES. My album will be out very, very soon. It is complete, and I cannot wait for everyone to listen to it. I am very, very proud of the final product. It is produced by STM Records, where I am signed, and that is how I worked with TOUCHSOUND Music, who is a producer, and the label’s artistic director. There are a few surprises on this album that I think people will appreciate. It will be out very soon.

·        Which other artists do you look up to for inspiration?

o   I draw inspiration from a plethora of artists and genres. I listen to Richard Bona, Youssou N’Dour, Petit Pays, Sam Fan Thomas and others. On my iPad I also have a lot of Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Lionel Ritchie, Coldplay, Beyonce, Michael Buble, 2Face, and so much more. My sources of inspiration are very diverse.
Sine avec le Rabbi - Petit Pays

Sine avec Meiway

·        Which artists in/out of Cameroon will you like to work with?

o   I’m open to working with anyone who is passionate about their music, really.

·        How easy / difficult is it to be a musician in Cameroon?

o   It is not easy at all. The music industry here is still developing, which means that many of the structures necessary to the success of an artist are not readily available. I am very lucky to have caught the eye of Barrister Akere Muna, who invited me to the Solomon Tandeng Muna Foundation for a discussion, and today I am signed to STM Records, the record label which is housed at STM Studios, found at the Foundation. I have a studio at my disposal and I am surrounded by a terrific team of young people with unbelievable vision and determination. Not many artists have these opportunities, but I believe that with time it will get better.

·        What do you think of the Cameroon music Industry and do you think it is getting better or worse?

o   It is definitely getting better. Slowly, but surely. Musicians are becoming more aware of the great possibilities we have, and are trying to seize them. They are demanding positive changes and these are slowly being implemented. Young people are taking matters into their hands, creating record labels, producing music and marketing it as best they can, and this is fostering a spirit of healthy competition. I think that this spirit is what will take us to the next level.

·      Amen oo, I hope so too but what can Cameroonians (like me) do to improve and promote our music / entertainment industry?

o   I think that a spirit of unity is vital to our progress. Do not be afraid to consume Cameroonian music and movies, and art in general. If we do not believe in what we do, no one else will. When work is well done, we need to support it. Buy a movie, buy an album, buy a sculpture, and so on. This motivates the artist to keep at it and only get better and better. We must also hold ourselves to the highest possible standards, and be able to recognize and provide constructive criticism when these standards are not met.

·        I totally agree with you. Do you foresee Cameroon music/ artists getting to international standards in the future? ( like working with high profile American stars and even winning international awards)

o   Yes. All we have to do is keep making great music. I believe that if our goal is just to make the best possible music, the recognition will most definitely come. The music will speak for itself.

·        On a scale of 0-10 how will you rate your level of popularity in Cameroon? ( like do people recognize you as a musician when you walk around etc etc)

o   I try not to think about that. I will let the people decide.

The girls have spoken, Sine. You are definitely a celeb in my book.

Making of Njoka Njoka ( Back stage)

Sine and Camer Singer/Designer Teeya

·        okay oo, Woow what a gentleman.Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

o   Hopefully in a position to elevate the level of my country’s music and effect significant change in the music industry. I want to be in a position to provide to young artists, the opportunities that were not so readily available to me when I was entering the music industry.

Sine and his team / entourage

·       Aww aww aww, now am short of compliments. woow nothing like giving back. What advice do you have for upcoming Cameroonian artists who want to make it into the Cameroon entertainment industry?

o   Work hard. Work really, really hard, and pray often. That is the only thing that works. Nothing else will get you anywhere. You have to earn your spot. No shortcuts. Also, keep moving, no matter what happens. Everyone fails. Those who succeed in the end are those who had the courage to get up and try again. Your attitude will determine your altitude.

·        Thanks so much for doing this and thanks for your lovely responses. Wish you the best in all your plans and endevours.

o   Thank you, Alison. Good luck to you as well!

Thank you very much Sine. Appreciate it oo. Just to add, Sine is also a Malaria and AIDS Ambassador with the KO Palu Foundation. Way to Go Sine.

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