8 May 2013

Premiere of WHISPERS: The New Cameroon Movie

If you are a Cameroonian and you haven't heard of the new buzzing movie, WHISPERS then you really need to slap yourself right now. lmao. But seriously, this is the new, hot and buzzing movie now. It premiered on the 27th of April 2013, the Dream Lounge, Molyko Buea. And trust me everyone who is anyone in Buea was there. From actors, to musicians to journalists and of course paparazzi LMAO. With Director - Enah Johnscott, Producer -  Arthur Iyok and Cast  made up of Camer's Best Yijika Solange, Epule Jeffery, Authur Iyok, Nchifor Valery and Solange Ojong, this movie a MUST WATCH. WHISPERS was  produced by the Media House Zarchorse Entertainment. I think this is their first movie. and if I can be sincere they did really GREAT for a first movie. Quality and all. Check out the trailer below. and you will know what am talking about.

Here are some pictures from the premiere of Whispers. 

Director: Enah Johnscott
Producer: Arthur Iyok (Left)

Part of the Black Triangle Crew was present Ace (Left) and Diobea (Right)

Artists - Rythmz
Actress Solange Yijika

Actress Rita 
Actor  Nchifor Valery

 As a Huge Fashion lover, I say there were some big fashion NO NOs on the Red Carpet. Lol, don't ask me who, coz my lips are sealed. Just see for yourself. Click HERE to see all the pics of the Premiere.

 Please, if you are a Cameroonian or if you love African movies and you are in Cameroon, please get a copy of this movie. Let's support our Movie Industry. We are the future of Cameroon. So we need to stop complaining about things we wish Cameroon has and start working to improve our country and take it to the level we want/ need it to be. ABEG ABEG ABEG, am on ma knees for this one. Please support our Industry by buying any movie or music you see. 

 To Grab a copy, Call, Text, and Stalk these numbers. lol. 98178277/ 79961699/ 74885237/ 79170327. If you are out of Cameroon. Please add +237 infront of each number.

My own problem now is, when is this movie being distributed internationally, coz i can't wait to get my hands on a copy. I don't care how much it is. I just badly need to watch it lol.

Have a lovely week everyone, Please watch the movie and Let me know what you think. Since I can't watch it for now, you guys have to be my eyes.


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  1. Finally!!!!! Been looking for a lead on these movies for a lifetime now soo glad u gave these numbers it's always a pleasure meeting people who boost up the entertainment industry rather than kill it thumbs up !!!!