1 March 2016

Cameroon Duo - RYTHMZ Is On The Money

My favorite Cameroon music group RYTHMZ, released the video of their single “Me & You” under XM MUSIC. This song comes after “Dancia” a featuring with Cameroon’s biggest boy band X-MALEYA, sometime last year.   “Me & You” is a love song. Love lost, love found, no matter the distance, no matter the time, whether who stands for or against it, once its real, it shall always be for two, hence the title “Me & You”. This song was done in the new genre of music, propagated by the band called ‘AFROBIKOSSA”. AFROBIKOSSA is a mixture of Afropop, Makossa & Bikutsi. 

I don't even know what to say about this song. When I read the email i was so excited to listen to the song and watch the video because i have been a silent huge fan of this group for years now. And honestly, this song exceeded my expectation by a thousand folds. The story is so touching and was nicely portrayed in the video. Afrobikossa beats is totally on point, can't wait to hear more of that genre. Love, love, loveee this song. Check it out guys. I am happy to present to you >>>>>> RYTHMZ - Me &You.

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