10 March 2016

Walk with Yefon

 Are you are young Cameroonian/ African? Are you full of life and ambitious? Do you want to be part of a great cause? Then Join the I AM YEFON Walk  happening on Saturday the 12th of March 2016,  In Yaounde, Cameroon. You can also be part of the walk on social media by sending a beautiful picture of you via whatsapp or email (yefonbooktour@gmail.com) so that it can be put in the yefon artwork and sent back to you to post on social media. Below is a sample: 

Cameroonian Actress, Writer and Organizer of the I AM YEFON Walk - Sahndra Fon Dufe

What is the walk about?

 It is a walk of hope. Sahndra explains; "Together, we shall walk into our G R E A T N E S S. This walk is non political: It serves as a symbol; that as future leaders; we (young Cameroonians) want to be EMPOWERING both to ourselves; and our community. We want to be more FOCUSED on our goals in life, ORIGINAL by finding our unique voices which we will use to make the world a better place; and NURTURING both to ourselves; and our world. This walk is also the youths' effort to be pro-active in the fight against terrorism. As youths, we need peace to strive in our daily activities. For that reason, we are walking for peace in our country Cameroon".

Please join this great cause and help create awareness about this walk, by liking, sharing on social media and whatsapp. Tell a friend. Use the hashtag #yefonwalk16 . We are the change our country needs, please let's all come together to support this cause, empower our youth and make our voices heard. If I were in Cameroon I would have been a part of this walk. Unfortunately, I am not but I will be very active on Social media showing my support any way I can and I encourage you all to come out and participate.  You will also receive a t-shirt and bottle of water for participating.

Thanks for reading. I love y'all. 

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