10 March 2016

Fashion Police: Worst Dressed - 2016 AMVCA

Hey MKB Readers,
Hope you all are having a lovely week, It's almost Friday so hang in there. As we now know, from the previous posts, the 2016 African Magic Viewer's Choice Awards was on the 5th of March and although many celebs brought their A-game, there were a couple of celebrities who feel short. In fact there were more fashion fails than I ever expected. Below is the list of celebs who flooped.
Photo credit: Bella Naija

Ini Edo: 

If this was Ini's wedding then may be this dress could have been on the best dresses list. May be oo, just may be. But to wear a wedding dress to an award is just ridiculous and the fitting of the dress was off in some places. I might have loved it if it was in another color but ermmm .... Nah this was a fail.

 Fade Ogunro: 

There is a thin line between sexy and trashy and she totally flew over to the trashy side. I am short of words. what was she thinking? The outfit does NOTHING for her, even the skirt sef no fine. All are see are on flattering boobs. I tire!! * on a side note, her sandals is gorgeous*

 Ibinabo Fiberesima:

 This lady angrily took to Instagram saying that she decided to dress in an African attire to the awards and she has been having a lot of back lash for that. Mama  the back lash was not because you decide to were an African attire, the back lash was because of the blue ice cream cone hair, and the flattering outfit and shoes. In fact I rest my case.

Ijeoma Grace Agu:

 Dress designed by Weizdhurm Franklyn. Again another misunderstanding of the difference between sexy and trashy. I blame the designer for this one, even though Ijeoma could have known better. I can almost swear that i can see her underwear (vijaja) in this picture. The material also looks very cheap. This dress is just a design nightmare. I can see the vision behind the dress but it was poorly executed.

 Beverly Naya:

 Designed by Sisiano. This dress had the potential to be a master piece. Perfect colour, prefect idea. Beverly looked great but for one big detail. Why are her boobs all the way up there? Yet another design nightmare. The chest area of this dress is an epic fail. I almost wish the entire chest area was covered with the handmade leaf design. It could have been a perfect dress. Unfortunately it isn't.

Nkem Marchie:

 Excuse me, Wha ris dis??? I don't even know where to start with this one, From the funny looking peplum top to a see through skirt. and her shoe choice is nothing short of interesting. She is sentenced to 5 years in a fashion jail.


Azuka Ogujuiba:

 It is one thing to have a fashion muse and it is another thing to literally wear her on the red carpet. This Marilyn Monroe dress is beyond interesting. I am literally short of words. 

Tomi Odunsi:

I found this dress very bizarre. It almost looks like an occultic outfit. Not like i will know how occultic outfits look like but Nigerian movies give us a pretty good idea, lol. But honestly, I don't get it at all. She didn't even try so I don't know if saying that it's a fail is valid.

 John Okafor aka Mr Ibu:

Lmao, I can't even explain this outfit. i will just laugh and move on coz it's bad from head to toe. honestly, he probably thought he was going to host a stand up comedy show.

Mai Atafo:

This is another funny outfit. His pants are clearly hanging, his shoe is another story and did he steal his wife's hair pin to use on  his jacket?

Thanks for stopping by and reading. I know some of you might agree and/or disagree with me. So let me know what you thing and who you would have like to see or not see on the list. Have a lovely weekend. muahhhh!!!

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