11 April 2013

Windsor Science Fair Judge

Hey Everyone,
                     I know some of you must be like, "what the heck is Science doing on this blog". Well, you may not know this but am kind of a geek. lol let's not say nerd coz i am far from that level. But ya, am a science student and I have been a science student since I learnt how to read and write. ma favorite subjects have always been maths, chemistry and physics. Any how sha!!!!. Last week I was a judge at a science fair ( for the first time) and i was astonished at the level of talent and knowledge the kids had. As in I learned things from 5 year olds that I couldn't have known like EVER. The pikin them get sense BADTTTTTTTTT!!! * A wash hand nohh*. It was one of the best experiences of my life. like seriously!!, It was difficult for me to judge them coz they thought me things I didn't even know. I swear I want to be like these kids when i grow up. lmao. Sincerely no matter who you are or what you do in any field of life strive to be the best and follow your dreams. Don't let anyone stop you from doing what you love. Here are some pics of the presentations I loved best. There were so many kids so i couldn't take pictures of everyone.

Daniel, is 9 year old and he's experiment was about solutions that transmit electricity. he had water, salt water, sugar water, juice, milk and cooking oil. and of course salt water transmitted the most electricity. * A be know da one ya*. but to here a child explain it to me was mind blowing

one of my fav fav fav. He was soo cute. Ryan. I think he was 9 as well . he explained why we shouldn't put bananas among other fruits when making our fruit baskets. other fruits like apples , oranges etc etc emits ethylene when exposed in air and ethylene causes bananas to get rotten. so when u put bananas in a bowl with other fruits they get ridden faster (bowl 1 and 2) but if you put then in a bowl alone, they still remain fresh ( bowl 3) . he was soo enthusiastic about his topic. loved him. 
*i swear it was the first time i was hearing about it, i was astonished*

1) How to generate elecrity form rain. ( My pple i was surprised).    2)  Where you can find more bacteria in school. (Mehnn!!! they even did bacteria cultures, Asehhhhh!!!)

 This little girl did an experiment on how to converse and purify water from toilets and washing machines , using a sand filter. she used the water she purified to plant and onion. * hmmmm*

he did an experiment on using oranges as batteries. * kool stuff*

 mehnnn!!!!! the bigger kids killed it. don't even ask me what it was all about coz e pass my power. well, all i know is that she invented something that could be used to propel stuff from the ground. Abeg na all da way i know oo. The thing pass ma power ehhhhhh

 She is 13 years old. and she did an experiment on how to manage run offs, the house on the left is how most Canadian houses are built with tiles and cement every where . the house on the right has stones and trees and grass which prevents run offs. * ya people she built them herself. she didn't buy it like that*

 and last but definitely not the least. The girl who built a wind turbine amplification. from plastics, wood and other stuff.* me a no die* . i couldn't even understand half the things she was saying. . She is 17 years old and in grade 11.E sense level pass ma power oo. Thank God i was a judge just for the little kids ( grade 4-7). Wonderful thing. who even gave her the ideas/

These are just a few. there were many many more kids. and the winners go to the provincial competition and then the Nationals ( for the whole of Canada). I wish all of them luck though. Am definitely going to apply to be a judge again next year. DAMN!!.
 Drop your comments and tell me what you think. I know most of you didn't even read through it . lol. wona no know say na scientist they make am wona still dey alive? Don't get me wrong I believe in God oo. But science has helped us alot. 
Have a lovely week. Chao

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