4 April 2013

My Interview with the Talented Camer Singer, DENZYL

Hey Guys,
 How are you all doing? hope your week is going great. As you might know, each week I feature and/or interview a Cameroonian artist / talent and this week,who we have is non other than the Makossa master himself Denzyl. The first time I ever heard/saw Denzyl was 2008/2009 in Amphi 750,University of Buea. When he had one of his first concerts (sponsored by Malta, I think!!) and I was like who the heck is this?. Am so happy and proud of how far he has come and how farther is he going to go. And just to put it out there. He is also a really nice person. Take it from me. Anyway let's see what Denzyl has to tell us about himself. 

·        Hey Denzyl, thanks for having this interview with me. It’s quite a pleasure having you. How are you doing today?

I'm all good, we thank God.

·        Please can Denzyl (aka Wonder Boy aka Mezam Pikin aka tchuku tchuku beef) tell us about yourself? 

Sure! Ambe Tebong, I’m from Bafut in the North West region. As for my age I’ll leave that for the people to guess but like they say age is just a number...
  Growing up as a kid I wasn't really exposed to much considering I’m from a middle class family. So I’ll say I had just what was necessary growing up but it was actually fun and interesting..
* I can totally relate to that *

·        Why did you choose the name Denzyl?

Well my father decided not to give any of us a Christian name, so growing up we were allowed to choose our Christian names. I chose "Denzyl" meaning having a little something "everyone likes".
* Now! that is a lovely meaning for a name *

·        Why music, of all the things you could do why did you choose music or did music choose you?

I wouldn’t say I chose music or music choose me, it just happened that way from being a passion to being a career, “man go do how na small small”

·        How can you describe your music style?

Right now I will describe my music as Makossa fusion, which is fussing our local makossa music with a pop feeling in other to have a more global listening appeal… how about that.

* sounds GREAT to me!!!!!*

·        Can you give us a rundown of some of the songs you have released and where they could be downloaded or watched?

Mehhnnn.. I have released a lot of songs, they can be found on you tube and hulkshare, just search for Denzyl and you’ll see or better still subscribe to Redeye Entertainment you tube channel, Facebook fan page, follow on twitter for updates.…

* As he rightly said he has so many songs, you can check out denzyl's songs Marry me, You stole me love away, Facebook girl and many more HERE*

·        There is no way we could talk about your music without talking about your soon to be released single MONIKA” It has been the talk of the town, clubs, twitter and facebook and am personally a fan. Can you please tell us why you decided to take such a turn into Makossa & old school Cameroon music?

Hmmmmm… well the complete song “Monika” hasn't been released yet though, we only released the teaser and the teaser is actually getting a buzz, so I'm looking forward to shooting the video for the song... And by the way we’ll be releasing the complete song sometime soon... So you guys better watch out and “I hope my pipo go like’am” since as na new tune from their boy..

* A sure say they go like am well well* Below is the Teaser

·        Who are your music inspirations?

Chaiii masssa I get them plenty oh!! But the one person that really has been influencing my music all the way is the boss himself 2 baba (Innocent Idibia), i’m also influenced by Bob Marley  Akon , and some local music well I’ll say every music I find good thus influence me #Goodmusic.

·        Which artists will you like to work with in and out of Cameroon?
I’ll like to work with 2 face, Lady Ponce, anyone who is good mehnnn just to name are few..

·        Talking of other artists you did a song with Nigerian superstar Wizkid called “Do you really wanna know” How was it like to collaborating and working with him?

Ah!!! Yeah! Do u really wanna know? LOL yes that was a good hook from starboy and I’m very happy the fans are craving for it play, I sincerely wanna thank them for being there. Well thanks to my management for coming up with the song…

* Click  to HERE listen*.

·        You also went on tour with the hot Cameroonian starlet Dencia  ( Dencia and friends’ tour) with Karen Igbo , Denrele Edun , the Rabbi ( Petit pays) and a tons of others. How did you get such an offer and how did it go?

Yeah! They contacted my management and hooked up the gig, but I had a very busy schedule at that period so I only had to meet up with Dencia and Friends in Bamenda and it was great..

·        Apart from singing and song writing is there any other things you do or will love to do?

Beside singing and song writing, I’m also an Entrepreneur and business man

·        What do you think about the Cameroonian music industry, is it getting better or worse? And which other artist should we be looking out for?

Ehhh!!! Its getting better and better by the day, and I hope for the best ..Courage to every brother and sister out there who is putting in efforts to do good music. we definitely getting closer.

*AMEN Ooooo!!!!!!*

·        Do people recognize you when you walk around? And are you a celebrity?

mmmm… As for recognize i ‘ll say yeah people recognize me but about that cebrity ish, i’ll leave that for people to tell if i am or not..LOL

·        Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

One word , GLOBAL!

* Confirm!!!!*

·        What advice do you have for upcoming Cameroonian artists?

Work hard, endeavor to get the best quality, work with the right people, “do you”, have patience and most of all pray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

·        Thanks so much Denzyl for your time. It was really nice of you to drop by and hope to have you again sometime. Wish you the very best in all your endeavors.

Yes madame! I appreciate the great work you guys pulling out there for us. One love!!! Peace!!

* Thanks Denzyl. We are in this together & As you said, We Thank God :)*

Facebook page: Denzyl
                        Red Eye Entertainment

Twitter: @iam_Denzyl

Youtube channel:  RedeyeLabel2012

Contact management: redeyelabel@gmail.com ,  @_REDEYEent
+ (237) 9583-1109 or + (237) 7869-2520

Thanks! hope you liked my interview with Denzyl and let me know which artists/ talents you will like to see next. All you need to do is drop a comment below. 
  Have a fab day.




  1. Nice one from Denzyl

  2. Keep up ma guy the sky is your limit, it'll pay off someday big time.

  3. Yaayy!!I'm the 3rd person to comment, plz Mookeh where can I download Denzyl's Monika,complete song???????

    1. hey dear,the complete song is not yet out coz Denzyl wants to release it with a video but i will keep you updated. just stay tuned and thanks for stopping by.

  4. it Amazing to see young talents imerging from Cameroon, good work denzyl

  5. i love his music

  6. u r dox gr8 Denzil, keep ya head up @mookeh, 10thumbs up

  7. ma boy Denzyl!!!!!!!

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