3 April 2013

My Interview with the Hot, Sexy & Talented Cameroonian Pop- Star MUSEBA.

Hey Everyone, 

How is your Good Friday?, Mine is ... ermm "just there".What a great way to celebrate this day other than to have 3 post for you guys and featuring two of Cameroon's Hottest Ladies.I am a sucker for Cameroon music and talent. Sincerely, I don't think there is any one as obsessed about their mother land as I am. That being said,  
    Today we have a very special guest, She is the sizzling, smoking hot and Talented Cameroonian pop star, MUSEBA, it was such a pleasure talking to and interviewing her. she is such a down to earth, responsible and talented young lady. Well, let me shut my big mouth and let you read for yourself before I spoil it for you guys. Hope you find my interview with her interesting and fun.

Hi Museba, thanks for having this interview with me. It is a pleasure talking to you.
Me:   How are you doing?
       I'm fine Alison ! Thank God !

Me:  Before we begin I must say I am a huge fan of your work.
      So who is Museba?  
My real name is Museba Andrea, I am 26 and I am passionate about Music and art!
I am a very humble person with lot of dreams to share.

·        Some people are confused about your nationality. Can you please tell us about yourself and background? 
Ok well, I was born in ABIDJAN ,where I spent a big part of my secondary school. My dad is Cameroonian and my mum is Congolese DRC.

·       Ok that explains it. So how did your journey to the music industry begin and why music?
I  was 8 years old when I started to sing, but I gave priority to my studies.
I choose music because I was very passionate about. It was like a natural feeling.

·        How long have you been in the Cameroon music industry?
Actually  i have been in music industry since 2010.

·       I love your song BOM BOM BOM it’s so current and dance hall like. What inspired you to write such a song?
I like writing a lot, but I have different source of inspiration and I like to discover good talent. So, the song bom bom bom was written and composed by Denis ELAD a Cameroonian. I was listening to his compositions then I chose Bom bom bom as my single.

·        What songs are you currently working on and should we be expecting another single / album from you any time soon?
Yeahh, I am workin on my next single which is gona come out soon and I take time work on my album
Apart from music, what are your other passions or should I say what other things do you do?
I am painting  and also doing advertising as a model for some commercials companies.
* Of course, with that type of beauty, any advertising agency will be lucky to have you*
·        You probably saw this coming cause there was NO way we could have this interview without me asking you about your performance with KIM KARDASHIAN. You sang for her in Cote d’ivoire (Go gurl!!!!). How did you get the offer and how was the experience? 
Well I just receive a call from the organizer of Kim K 's event in Abidjan; they propose to me if I wish to be a part of it, and I said yes! Its was a good experience for me as a young African artist.
·        What are your thoughts about the Cameroon music/ entertainment Industry?
Cameroonian industry needs honest people and serious entertainers with real events or platforms for artist to be exposed. Unfortunately we just have a few events in Cameroon than others Africans  countries where there are lot of events every 2 weeks. No exposition means no visibility.
* I totally agree with you, Andrea*
·        Are there any Cameroonian / foreign artists you will love to work with?
Of course yes, I am looking for some Cameroonian artist to collab with but I haven’t yet make a final choice.
* have you guys heard? she is looking for artists to collab with so you might want to contact her. Don't say i didn't tell you oo! *
·        Where does Museba see herself in 2-5 years time?
Ah ah ah ! that’s a big question mark because I have lot of projects!….let's see what God will approve. * Amen ooooo!*
·        I am pretty sure people recognize you when you walk on the road or go to a shop or hotel. Do you consider yourself as a celebrity?
I am just myself and I am always nice with people who come to me on the road or anywhere. It’s the public who decided who is a celebrity! * Awww nicely said, i told you she was down to earth and nice, didn't I?*
·        I don’t know if you are aware of this but you are an inspiration to many young girls and artists. What advice do you have for other young artists or young girls who dream of becoming like you?
Waouh im blushing…I can say that everybody has his destiny, so they should believe in what they do, work hard, and stay humble.
·        Thanks so much Museba for this interview. You are such a beautiful and nice person. I wish you all the best in your career and I am always here routing for you. From on Camer Lady to another. Keep making us proud.
Well, thank you so much Alison for the attention and love you are showing to me. Its just the beginning, the best is coming soon. * You are welcome, Andrea. Can't wait to see what the future holds for you. Wish you the best in everything you do and hope to have you again sometime*
Check out Museba's Music video for Bom Bom Bom HERE and Nayo Slowly HEREMuseba
Booking: +237 9981 1976/ 9620 274
Also follow her on facebook Museba Andrea and onTwitter @MusebaOfficial

As usual, please leave your comments below. let me know what you think of my interview with Museba, and drop any questions you will like to know about her which I forgot to ask. Also I will be featuring one or two Cameroonian artists and talents every week. So just let me know which Cameroonian Artist you will like me to interview next and I will try to make it happen. Thanks for stopping by. 
Stay blessed

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