11 April 2013

E GO PAY Official Video by BOY SLIM ft DIANEE

Hey guys,
               The song of the Week is titled E GO PAY by No Hitz No Recordz Entertainment's very own, Boy Slim feat Dianee. It was directed by Dr. Nkeng .F .Stephens and produced by Bench Mark Africa productions. This song is dedicated to all the my hardworking Cameroonian/ African brothers and sisters out there. You are toiling and working their butts off to make a difference in their country, their lives or the lives of others.* KNOW SAY ONE DAY E GO PAY!!!!*. it doesn't matter if you are a student, actor, actress, musician, producer, director, CEO, make up artist, hairstylist, blogger, fashionista, dancer, parent, wife, husband etc etc etc. no matter what you are struggling/ try to do. just know that ONE DAY E GO PAY. Since i first listen to this song about a month ago, i listen to it every single day. It's like a source of inspiration and strength for me and hope it is for you too. Any time you feel like giving you or quitting or feel like nothing is moving, log on to this page or you tube and listen to this song. Trust me it will make everything better.

Sorry guys for some reasons I can't upload the video. But click HERE or on the post TITLE to watch it.

You can also download HERE
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                              Hope you loved the song as much as I do.

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