6 April 2013

Fashion Must Haves: DENIM JEANS SHIRT

Hey Lovely people,

                          hahahaha I know that's a funny greeting. I need to look up new words in my dictionary. Anyway, how are you enjoying your weekend? Hope you are having fun. For those who are in school don't forget to study oo. " Burn the Midnight Candle" as some of our boarding school teachers used to say. Well for me, My exams are coming closer and closer so NO fun or movies or "blogging" ( Please don't tell ) this weekend. *Ok make I make am quick quick go read*. So today's post is one of many to come, am going to be posting a couple of fashion must haves . Denim Jeans Shirts are definite MUST- HAVES. I am sure most of you ladies have a denim something somewhere in your closet be it a shirt, skirt , jacket etc etc. The great thing with denim jean shirts is you can find them in various styles and they can suit every body type and size all you need to do is find the one that works for you. Secondly, they are very affordable you can get it from basically any clothing store. The best part of the whole story is that they can go with EVERYTHING and EVERY COLOUR red,yellow, green, brown, white, orange, just name it and you got it. You ca
n NEVER go wrong with a Denim Jean Shirt. Hope you agree with me and stay tuned for more fashion must haves.

                                                          Top: Urban Behaviour
                                       Skirt: Urban Planet
                                       Jewelries: Ardene
                                       Shoe: Jessica Simpson 
 I have had the shoes since (2009/ when i was in Cameroon) so i don't know if they still have them.

Thanks and hope this post was helpful to you. Also,let me know what you think about this post. Please drop any questions, or concerns you might have fashion or otherwise. Also let me know any topics you will like me to talk about next. Finally if you are a blogger, please leave the link of your blog below and i will check out your blog and possible follow you. Thanks for stopping by and feel free to share and comment.

Have a lovely Weekend


  1. my model!!!! u rock!!!!! Kele!

  2. mukson......that is nor...u worry.....love it dear...keep up

  3. Gr8 Blog!missbangzkorner.blogspot.com.ur interview with Denzyl got ma attention!keep doing what u do!P:s...i love d skirt!

    1. thanks a lot dear. just checked out your blog too. and i must say you are doing a very good job. love ur write up and your gistes/ gossips. keep it up. just followed you.

  4. Nice pics Ali and nice job too. u keep me wondering. Thumps up and keep doing ur best in bringing up those camer artist who are not yet noticed.

    1. Thanks hun. i definitely will. thanks for stopping by and hope you come by regularly.

  5. Nice Style!!! Love the Blue Jacket!!So nice

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