16 April 2013

Junior Mbeng aka "Juicy"

Hey Guys,

                I know most of you are like who the heck is this guy. Well first of all, you all know am a sucker for Cameroon Talent so when I see a talented Cameroonian all I think of is "What can I do in my own little way to help him/her achieve or get closer to their goal". That being said. Junior Junior, where do I start. Well I guess I should start by telling you who he is. Junior Mbeng, is 23 years old and lives in Ottawa, Canada.

 He is also a MUCH Music VJ hopeful. Ya, I know most people out of Canada do not know what MUCH Music is. MUCH Music is the biggest music, movie In fact Entertainment TV Channel in Canada. It's like MTV + TRACE + BET and even better. So every few years they look for one person to be a VJ . Thousands of youths from all over Canada send in an audition tape of themselves showing their personalities etc etc. Check out his audition tape below.

and then a Top 20 is chosen and Junior was amongst. Check out his reaction to good news.

And every week 1 or 2 vj hopefuls are evicted until there is a winner. sounds cool huh? wait until I tell you the job description of a VJ. Job description: Interviewing the best musicians, actors and actresses in the business ( from Rihanna to Justin Bieber, and casts of the hottest TV shows like Degrassi etc etc), meeting fans, travelling across the country for music concerts, red carpet, hosting Award shows,and much more.

With almost 90,000 followers on twitter, it's no doubt that Junior was a fan favorite, 

He was even trending in Canada *Number 2 on the chart below*.

With his friendly, daring, funny and entertaining personality, He was at the top pf his game.

Until his journey was suddenly ended after a challenge in Ottawa. And to be honest, it was greatly unfair considering the fact that they had to put him against his home boy Ryan. Come to think of it why should he be punished for being the leader of the losing team? *kiss teeth* 

 Well, no need to be sad coz all hope is not lost. We can get Junior back into the competition.

How to Vote Junior Back:

Tweet / Retweet #Bring Junior Back. or #Junior4vj
Also click  HERE  and vote for Junior on the Friday, 19th of April 2013  

Follow Junior on Twitter: @JRisLIVE 
                           Facebook: Kevin Junior Mbeng III
                           And Check www.muchmusic.com/vjsearch/JuniorMbeng to see Junior's journey on the MuchMusic VJsearch. Trust me you will not be disappointed if you do. That's how talented and entertaining he is.

If you will like me to interview Junior, please kindly drop a comment below. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you come back. Please follow and share this blog. 


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