26 June 2013

Fashionistas of the Week

Hey Everyone,
                       I have decided to start a new section on my blog called Fashionistas of the week. Every week I will feature a number of fashionistas, bloggers, celebs and everyday people with great styles and i will talk about what i love about their outfits. This is just to inspire some of my readers' who may have a style  different from mine, and also to give you some fashion ideas (dos and don'ts). This is for everyone boys, girls, women, men, children etc etc. All you need to do is click HERE follow the instructions and submit your pictures, it's that simple. So here are the fashionistas for this week.

Casual Chic Style:

 I just love how the colors go together, yellow, while and grey. There is nothing to criticize about this look. it's just gawgus. love it

Shirley of Meek and Mild. She is ALWAYS on point. I love how the outfit looks soo casual and simple but still sophisticated and chic. I could rock this any day, anytime. Red and white is ALWAYS hot.


 Vintage is not really my style but this lady definitely killed it. She looks like she just came out of a 60s movie. I absolutely love it.

OMG i don't know if anyone loves asymmetrical stuff like i do but i am so in love with that Zebra print and blazer. This is totally on point.

Curvy Ladies:

 I love the ways she point the colors together. too gorgeous

Black is a slimming color so if you are a curvy lady black is your go- to color. just make sure you don't over do it. Adding a pop of color is always a good idea. love her outfit.


This is a very lovely casual outfit, with a pop of color in the right way. Fally Ipupa never goes wrong. He is a good style idol. For those of you looking for some inspiration, always check him out.

lol don't know about the "don't touch my shoe" pants but this outfit is on point.

 This outfit good for chilly weather but it is totally on point, the colours are very cool and guyly lol

This outfit speaks for itself, Chic to the T. i just love love love it.

There we go guys and ladies, 10 fashionistas of the week. Let me know what you think and if you want to inspire people with your style and make this list next week, you know what to do, SUBMIT SUBMIT SUBMIT your pics. 
Have a fabulous day


  1. I like this ideas when I see it on other blogger sites it helps give exposure to other bloggers. Can you include the blogspot if they have one when you do these, thanks

    1. of course, i will definitely do that next week. Thanks for the comment and i am happy you like the idea