5 June 2013

Ooops!! Summer Time Is Here

Hey every one,
                        Thank God the cold and rainy days are finally over. I know so many people are happy that it's summer but for me it's a bitter sweet feeling. In as much as I hate the cold during winter, I can't help but hate the humid and extremely hot weather during summer. Ya, i know what most of you are thinking "Shut up, Muke! you live in Canada". Yes oo, everyone knows Canada to be one of the coldest countries in the world but what most people don't know is that Canada has very extreme weathers it's either very cold ( esply in the North) or extremely hot (esply in the south). And guess what? I so happen to live in the southern most part of Canada, closest to the US. and Mehn!! the summer is #HOT. Ever thought that Douala, Tiko and Kumba are hot? Wait till you come to Windsor. The heat is unbearable and it is also very humid. Sincerely, I will take Douala heat any day, any time.
 Anyway, enough of the weather. This week, my friend and I spent sometime at Riverside, An amusement park about 5 minutes from our house. It is called River side coz it is by the Detroit- Windsor River.The River separates Windsor (Canada) from Detroit (USA). Ever wondered how close Canada is from e US? well see for yourself.
That is a view of Detroit USA from Windsor Canada. The Tallest building is the General Motors (GM) Headquarters
 Just this little River seperates us.

 The Ambassador Bridge (5-10 mins drive and $3.50 by bus, that's how long it takes to leave from Windsor, Canada to  USA. but guess what? i have never been there :( . Seriously can't wait to cross that bridge.

I decided to keep my outfit very simple coz we were just going for a walk. So I wore my Crop top and High/ Low Asymmetrical skirt from Urban Planet, Custom- made Ankara Jean Jacket, and Leopard low sandals.
A fun day at the park

Enjoying the view and thinking of what I will do when I finally get over there

Jacket was custom made by Me. I added the African material and studs around the collar and pocket. Did all the sewing and custom work by Hand
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  1. Hi Allison, did you do this hair yourself???
    Can you please do a tutorial as you did with the omber hair on how you weave your hair.
    Not a vedio per.

    1. Yea i did the hair myself hun. i do all my hairstyles myself. I actually have a tutorial coming up on how i did the weave i am rocking now. It will be difficult for me to explain how i do my weave in writing like i did for the ombre tutorial so i will just have to make a video. Hope that will be ok. Thanks