18 June 2013

V - Dot Chris Releases New Single - " Ma Lady"

V-Dot Chris is another talented Cameroonian artist on the rise. He has been doing music professionally for 4 years and is now working on his debut solo album. After just being signed to Mannorun Records, he has dropped his first hit single entitled 'Ma Lady' which is already getting appraisals. The song was produced by D.P. and the video directed by February 16th. This is just the beginning as more is to come before he finally drops his album. Stay tuned.

Here is the video

 I personally LOVE the video, it's on point. As usual Ndukong Bertand aka Febuary 16th killed it again. The video is #Sick. Ahead Ahead Cameroonians, keep killing us with your talent. #DOPE Song.

Artist: V-Dot Chris
Label: Mannorun Records

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