7 June 2013

Black Triangle (BTR) Release their New Single "TITULAIRE" #BlackFriday

Hey everyone,
                         Thank God It's Friday (TGIF) and as usual I've got some steaming buzz for you all. The Buea based record Label Black Triangle also know as BTR released their new single Titulaire. It is the first of a series of songs which will be released every Friday hence the name Black Friday. Titulaire was written and sang by BTR artists @aceBTR, @Iam_arreyBTR, @OjoneryBTR (the same artists behind the songs JeTeYaMo, Dipokolo and Pecos) and the new addition to their label @ZemenkieBTR behind every great man (or men in this case) there is a woman.

 I must say Zemenkie has added new levels and heights to this group. Can't wait for what they have for us Next Friday. I know most of you are wondering what or who a Titulaire is according to this song, Here is what Ojonery, co founder of BTR and Rapper said " A Titulaire in this context is one's main partner in a love relationship, in a world where people keep many relationships."

Download "Titulaire" Below: LOL it's FREE

If there is one thing I like about this group is how creative and unique they are. Once you listen to their song, no one needs to tell you they are from Cameroon, They are also very versatile singing in Pidgin, English, French and even Duala. They some how seem to get better with every new song, I really don't know how they do It. I am a HUGE fan of their work. Actually one of my favorite Cameroonian Artists. Get your dancing groove on and make sure you tell your Titulaire how much you love her.
Have a lovely weekend and stay tuned to another song from BTR next FRIDAY. "KOKO DIKO GO DOWN" . Let me know your favorite thing/part of the song.

Follow them on twitter: @aceBTRIam_arreyBTR@ojoneryBTR 
Also check out and download all their songs -----> Black Triangle Africa

Just for fun: Can you guys tell which artist sang which part of the song?


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