24 June 2013

It's Black, It's Spike

Hey Fashionistas,
                           How are you all doing today? I know I have been away for a while. I had to travel to Toronto for the a mini blogger's conference held by my friend and fellow Cameroonian Blogger Brenda Chuinkam of Can never be a skinny bish  Here.  I must say I had a very lovely weekend, couldn't have asked for a better way to send it. Also I was featured on the list of Top 40 Female Bloggers of our time. Can you imagine? I was so astonished to find myself on that list. #TrueToGod. I have just been blogging for  three months and I was featured on the same list with ladies who have been blogging for years, some of my blog/style idols and ladies I look up to. I was/am really honored, check out the list ---> Here (if you want to check me out, i am at number 28 :) ), you might see some of the bloggers you follow.
Well now about the post of the day, this post is overdue. If you follow me on Facebook you might have realized my hair is different, I was supposed to put this up last week but was busy. This is part of the 3 posts of my little black dresses, Click Here and Here for the previous posts on LBDs. This outfit is perfect for a date or  ladies' night out. If you follow my blog, then you should know that I am obsessed with spikes and studs. so I wore my spike black dress from Urban Planet, Jewelries - Ardene, Bag (gifted) and red pumps (gifted).  You can never go wrong with the mixture of red and black. it's that simple. Hope you like the outfit.

Sorry for the poor quality of the pics, i promise to get a better camera soonest. But i hope you love the outfit. as usual your comments and ideas are very welcomed. As feel free to share and don't to follow this blog. Thanks and have a very fruitful week.


  1. Wow u look splendid. N lets forget the camera quality. you are right, black and red, how could you go wrong?

  2. Hey Allison, met you at the blog conference with Brenda, nice to have met you. Thought I would come on here and check out your blog, and show my support. Hope to see you at the next conference. Started following you. Follow back for updates and outfit inspiration on my blog. Chow. P.S nursing student! I know the feeling was once that 5+ years ago lol.

    1. awww thanks Miss J. checked out your blog too. following back. hope we keep in touch :)