18 June 2013

Arthur Iyok - Talented Actor and Producer of the Cameroonian movie "Whispers"

Hey Everyone,
 I bet most of you have been hearing and seeing pictures and promos for the recently released Cameroon movie "WHISPERS", Well, Arthur Iyok is the talented producer and one of the actors of the movie. Have you been thinking that the Cameroon movie industry aka Collywood is dead and dormant? Well you couldn't be more wrong. Many talented young Cameroonians are working their butts off to make Collywood vibrant and booming ... and Arthur Iyok just happens to be one of them. Just read on to see what I mean.

·        Hi Arthur thanks for doing this interview with me. How are you doing today?

·        I am Ok Alison and you?

·        I am very fine, thanks. Please can you tell us about yourself ?

·        Arthur Iyok is a Cameroonian in his mid 20s, he lives and works in
Cameroon. Produce/Actor of Zachrose Entertainment. From Bishop Rogan
College to the University of Buea (Bsc. Hons Political Science) to the
Institute Of Commercial Management, England (Diploma, Human Resource
Development) and now a Filmmaker.

Arthur is a skillful and consummate, humble, dedicated and resourceful
Actor/Producer. His assiduity to the task and resilience in front of
the many challenges that face the movie industry in Cameroon have seen
him through many obstacles in his career. Young but determined to add
a plus to the Film Industry, and to him "Good luck is a lazy man's
expectation of a workers success

·      woow interesting! So, if you were to describe yourself in 3 words what will they be?

·        Smart, Innovative and Humble

·        Sounds like the qualities of many successful people. What did you dream of becoming when you were going up and how did you get into acting?

·        While growing up like every child I wanted to be President of my Country lol. My getting into acting was first a try out then discovered it was a hidden passion and talent.

·         LOL president of Cameroon? You don't say! Has acting always been a passion of yours?

·        Not as a kid but after my first Audition I was like "God, you sure look good on Camera", it was then that I was identified and encouraged to be serious in what I do.

·        When did you get into the movie industry and what was the first movie you did?

·         It was in 2008 when i landed my first role in the movie, THE COMPANY by Roughbase Pictures. I acted the lead role. This film was directed by one of the youngest Cameroonian directors at the time (Judas Case), it later made the name Arthur Iyok, stick to the lips of many Cameroonians.

·        How did it feel acting for the first time and also watching yourself?

·        I was so excited, but on the other hand it was very challenging on my path

On Set

·        Which are some of the movies you have acted in?

·       Lost Instinct by Njimanju Deric, Family Tusstle by Mbole
Denis, House of Triplets by Itambi Delphine, Votary by Billy Bob, Pink
Poison Reloaded by Ikechuku Onyeka (Nig), WHISPERS etc ...

Actors Epule Jeffery and Arthur Iyok on Set

Who are some of the actors / actresses you look up to in the Cameroon Entertainment industry?

·        ANURIN NWENEMBOM, Epulle Jeffery, Otia Vitalis for the male and Quinta Eyong Ashu and Solange Yijika for female.

Actress Solange Yijika and Arthur

Actors Arthur, Jeffery and Nchifor Valery (left -right)

Arthur and One of my fav Cameroonian Actress Qunita Eyong Ashu

 woow can see some powerful names in there.Who are some Cameroonian actors/actresses you have worked with?

·        So many that I can’t enlist but I have worked with almost all the best I must say.

·         OK! So who will you love to work with in the future (those you haven’t already worked with and why?

·        Otia Vitalis, Anurin Nwenembom and why not internationally too.

President of Cameroon Film Industry -Mr Otia Votias and Arthur

·        You aren’t always in front of the camera; you also work behind the camera as a producer, how different is it? And which do you prefer if you had to choose (acting or producing).

·        Producing I must say is all a different ball game, a good producer is a good manager of money, people and character. Because he stands as the general overseer to all cast and crew. I have the passion and talent for acting and i also have a gift of managing people and resources, remember i am a human resource manager too lol. Choosing from both i will say acting comes in as primary and producing as secondary. But i must say they both complement each other (acting and Producing)  

Producer things, lol

·        I totally agree with you.You just produced your first movie “Whispers”, congrats on that. I watched the thriller and I must say it was very intriguing and captivating in a good way. Can you tell us what the movie is about?

·        To be brief I would say it about young people nowadays who try to get rich by rubbing shoulders with the devil, and we make people realize the devil always has a price, he has no free gift as we see in the movie how nemesis follows each and every one of them upon what they sacrificed.

Actor Valery Nchifor On the Set of Whispers, this make up is CRAZY GOOD

·        Sounds very interesting. Where was it shot and who directed it?

·        It was shot in Buea/Cameroon and was directed by Enah  Johnscott

·        Why the title “Whispers”?

·        You know you could see people in expensive and luxurious life style and possessions but you may never know what they have and are going through, we just envy them. Because their troubles are all happening in a whisper, until you get closer, only then will you understand their story.

·        That's very true.Which familiar faces should we expect to see in the movie?

·        Award Winners and acclaimed actors and actresses like Epulle Jeffery, Nchifor Valery, Yijika solange, Solange Ojong, Quinta Eyong Ashu  and a new revelation in the Cameroon industry, Kelly Ade and not forgetting myself.

Cast of Whispers

New/Upcoming Actress Kelly Ade

·      Kool!!!  I know the movie has been premiered, sold and distributed in Cameroon but what do you guys have planned for Cameroonians/ movie lovers aboard. Should we be expecting it on any online sites? Coz I am dying to watch it.

·        Of course, be sure of watching the movie on many sites and TV stations worldwide. In the nearest future. We are making provisions for that I must say.

·        Ok, please do well to keep us informed. You started a company/production called Zachrose Entertainment, what is it about? 

·        Zachrose Ent. Is not my property, but a family, have got partners and investors who make up Zachrose. The CEO is Mr Yankou Menga, who is both a businessman and a lover and promoter of Entertainment. I am the Manager and Producer of Zachrose Ent. With regards to projects.

CEO of Zachrose Entertainment

·       Ok thanks for the clarification.  Who are those involved and why the name Zachrose?

·        Like I told u Zachrose Ent is a family, with Yankou Menga, Arthur Iyok, Epulle Jeffery, Tangie Willy and Nchifor Valery as Members. The combinations of the name is in honour of the CEO’s mum and late dad. Mrs Rosaline and Mr Zachariah Menga.

Actors Jeffery and Arthur

·        Do you think the Cameroon movie industry aka Collywood is better than it was 10 years ago?

·        I will give it a big YES. Things are changing. I would say Collywood has taken off. And I tell you in the next two years you will be so shocked as to what is going to unfold.

·        I have no doubt about that. What are some of the changes Cameroonians need to do to make our movie industry up to the standard of Nollywood and Gollywood?

·        Its all about us meeting international standards but I will tell u from the quality of movies coming from Cameroon now I tell we are there.

·        Do you think we will ever get there?

·        Alison I would tell u again, we are there.

·        Ok oo, I hear you loud and clear *smiley face*. What NEXT for Arthur Iyok?

·        Working on a next script for Zachrose Ent, besides that there are several projects i am working on not as producer but as actor and others crew. Like I told you the industry is at work.

Actors Jeffery, Valery and Arthur in Kumbo for a Camer movie conference and working on a new movie with a Canada based Cameroonian Producer *lips sealed* the rest of the info will be disclosed later

·        Ok you guys should keep the movies coming, i am glued to my TV. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

·        Beyond my dreams I must say and I wish. But I will tell you Alison, I am in to make a difference. Five years may be too much for that difference.

·      Of course, we are all into making that difference and you are totally right 5 years is definitely small for that, but we (as a country) will get there for sure.   Before we conclude, I just have to ask this silly question. How do you deal with your female fans? You must have a couple.

·        It was not easy at first until I found the most special Woman in my life....to be continued

·       LMAO, I hear you. Thanks Arthur for your time and patience. Wish you the best in all your endeavors.

·        Thank you and I wish you same. It was nice talking to you Alison.

So there we go. Cameroonian's Film Industry is getting bigger and better by the day, so you better show your support or sit quite and watch. LOL didn't mean to be rude. But seriously we (Cameroonians) need to start supporting our country and entertainment industry and stop criticizing or back biting about what they should and shouldn't have done. Thanks for reading and please please please, show some support to those who are making an afford to make our film industry better. You can start by commenting below, telling me what you think about our movie industry, and what we (Cameroonians) can do to make it better, also vote for Arthur Iyok and many other talented Cameroonian Actors, Actress, producers and directors by just clicking HERE. Thanks and Together we can make Cameroon a better place.

 Much Love. xoxo


  1. Nice post. We..especially abroad..keep forgetting there was a time these western countries too where carrying kerosene and candles every where because they had no electricity....there was a time they were trekking on foot and donkeys and horses because there were no cars...there was a time their tvs where black and white instead of colour. It takes time for all these things to come to life. And it requires the faith and support of members of the community.


  2. Im so Impressed!!let the sky be your limit.......

  3. Arthur Iyok you will make us the Cameroonians proud.

  4. Arthur Iyok you are making us proud.The world will know CamWood as Hollywood.