2 June 2013

#PROUDLY African

Hey Everyone,
                 Sorry I have been away for a while. Don't even ask me what I have been doing coz I have no idea. Well, I am back and I promise to bring you bigger and better fashion tips and of course interviews. Today's post is all about one of the dresses I designed a couple of years ago. I didn't want to do a post on this outfit but due to all the positive responses I have been getting on my Facebook page, I decided to do a post. (Yes oo, we finally have a Facebook page make sure to like it ----> HERE). As I said on my Facebook page, I designed this dress in 2011 but I didn't have any material for the dress and i didn't know where to get a tailor to sew the dress so I contacted my lovely friend / Cameroonian fashion designer Reneta Ndisang, Founder and CEO of AFROSHIC clothing ---> Here. She did a really great job with the material choice and bring the design to life. Of course as expected, the dress was a little big, due to distance (she is in Cameroon) I had to send my measurements to her. Anyway, I (personally) adjusted the dress to my size and it was PERFECT.

For the outfit of the day, I matched my lovely Afroshic dress with my brown Guess sandals. I chose brown because I wanted to keep the outfit very simple. For the same reason, I kept my jewelries to a minimum. I also wore a very simple necklace coz of the style of the top of the dress. Finally I did my hair up so as to properly show case the top and back of the dress ( i will be putting up a post next week showing how to style your hair, and accessories for various outfits.This is very very important coz many ladies even some fashion bloggers get this wrong. it's gonna be fun so stay tuned) . However, this is my outfit, hope you like it.

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God Bless


  1. That dress looks gorgeous hun! :)

    1. thanks so much hun, just check out your blog and i was so astonished to see that u live in Windsor. We definately need to meet up sometime. just followed ur blog, love it

  2. Your outfit is stunning.I really love it.Keep up with the good work (blogging). It may not be easy all the time but you will definitely get there.

    1. awww thanks soo hun. thanks for the kind words means a lot