9 June 2013

Exclusive Interview: Cameroonian Afro-hip hop Rapper/Singer - Gee Reign

          Hey Lovelies, How are you guys enjoying your weekend? Hope it's splendid. Today, I bring to you one of my favorite Cameroonian Rapper/ Singer - Gee Reign. Some people even call him "African Drake". He is a young musician with a very versatile taste but very unique sound. The first day i heard one of his songs "Blowing Ashes" I was like there is no way this guy is a Cameroonian/ is in Cameroon. and I was very wrong. He is the REAL DEAL, like no joke!. I had a request from one of my readers to have an interview with Gee Reign and I ALWAYS fulfill my promises, So here we go

      Hi Gee Reign, thanks for accepting to do this interview with me. Let me start by saying, I am a HUGE fan of your work. Your songs are #killer. Very original and current.

        Gee Reign: Awww that’s sweet, thank you. I’m a huge fan too. You are stylish and your fashion sense is on a 100, trust me ...lol

    Aww thanks * blushes*. So who is Gee Reign?

        Gee Reign: ok.. Real names, Arrey Germain. My dad is from the South West Region and my mom from North West (Bamenda), where I attended/completed my primary education and most of my secondary education. I moved to Lagos (Nigeria) in 2009 and through the years, I’ve acquired lots of professional experience and as a result, I find myself doing a lot of things. I’m 24 years old. I’m an easy-going and fun loving person, a music enthusiast, a producer, singer, rapper, TV host. I’m everything entertainment.

  Damn! that's one long portfolio. Hardworking guy. Is there a story to the name Gee Reign?

        Gee Reign; yea, i adopted the name in 2006 and the name is self explanatory. Gee (which is Germain) and Reign (the period during which a sovereign occupies the throne). It was my own way of reminding myself that I also have something special to offer the world. Growing up wasn't all rosy for me so i had to remind myself daily that I’m Gee Reign .. lol

  Woow cool stuff, talking of growing up,  as a child did you dream of being a Musician? If not what did you dream of becoming?

        Gee Reign; I've always been so passionate about music. I knew that I was going to be a musician. It was so clear to me even at a very tender age. I could sing/rap almost every song I came across, I didn't need to stress it. I composed my very first song when I was 9 years old, it wasn't all professional but it was a great feeling at the time... I wanted to teach everybody that song.. lol.. in my mind I was the next Bow Wow people should look out for...lol.

 Lmao, very ambitious, Like that. At what age did you realize that music was your passion?

        Gee Reign; well like I said I composed my very first song when I was 9 years old but I became even more passionate as I grew older.

        How did your parents react to you being a musician and all?

        Gee Reign; Hmmm, where do I start?.. it wasn't just my parents. The whole family freaked out, when they found out I was spending more time in the studio than in class where every other kid, should be. I saw a bigger picture that they could not see or even understand and it drove them crazy whenever I defended myself any time they try to talk about it. I could go all day to talk about the things I've been through just by telling my parents music is my passion and what I want to do in life.. They have recently been more supportive than ever, especially after seeing how much effort and time I've invested in my work. They also receive complements from people they don’t even know that love my music. Trust me dear it’s been a long time coming..

 Woow that's very typical of African parents/ families. Thank God you were passionate enough to resist. We could have missed out on such wonderful talent . How did you get into the music industry?

        Gee Reign; I've always been around music. It didn't necessarily need to come to me, I was out there looking for it... I wanted to be around it all the time.. I met other artist/producers, made connects and before I knew it, I was surrounded by music makers.

   Talk about HUSSLING lol. What was the first song you wrote and sang? And how did it make you feel?

        Gee Reign; uhmm, I can’t remember the title of the first song I wrote but I remember it was a song I dedicated to my mother. But the first song I recorded was produced by Pazzo titled ‘Street Struggle’, it was an amazing feeling. I listened to that song back to back every day, all day.. lol.. it was crazy.

Pazzo and Gee Reign

 How will you describe your style of music?

        Gee Reign; Afro Hip hop and RnB. I sing and I rap, so it’s never been a problem merging the two. I also keep it African.

Gee Reign and Tito

  What makes your music unique?

        Gee Reign; I’m very particular about my delivery, lyrics and choice of beats.. i paint a vivid picture and try to keep it very original...

     No wonder your songs are soo good. Can you please give us a rundown of your songs?

        Gee Reign; wow,  i have way over a hundred and fifty songs to my name, but I recently released a 15 track pre-album titled ‘Through Your Eyes’ featuring songs like ‘Blowing Ashes feat. Cwitch’, Follow it’, Strange but familiar’ and more. I've also released two new singles No One’ feat. Magasco (expect a video soon) and ‘Njang (Deeper Meaning). You can get all these songs and more, on reverbnation.com/geereign.

      150 songs? Damn! this guy means business. Of all the songs you have written/ sang which one is your favorite and why?

        Gee Reign; this is a hard one...lol.. i’m attached to all my songs but i think ‘Follow it’ stands out for me. The delivery, lyrics and arrangement is so mature.. it has gotten lots of international appraisal. I’m proud of the song...

     Woow ok. I personally love all your songs but my absolute favorites are Blowing Ashes and No One. What prompted you to write these songs? 

        Gee Reign; awww, thank you. Blowing Ashes’ was produced by Gee ga (a Lagos based Cameroonian producer) and it featured Cwitch, We decided to address issues surrounding the hustle and No One’ featuring Magasco (produced by Gee Reign) is a song that appreciates that special someone.

        You just released a new single Njang (deeper meaning), What is this song about?

        Gee Reign; Well, i wanted to do a song that addresses real life issues but make it as entertaining as possible. Njang (Deeper Meaning) was that perfect song. There’s a deeper meaning to it that you, me and the next person can relate to in real life.

   Kool!  One thing I absolutely love about your music is the originality, you don’t sound like anyone else, your lyrics are tight and those beats, Jeezee! They just make me wanna dance. How do you keep your music fresh, current and unique all the time?

        Gee Reign; Thank God for the inspiration.  I think it’s more about being original, staying true to oneself. I tell stories and understand that I’m singing to an audience that need to relate to these stories. I’m also branding Gee Reign so I try to stand out on every track.  

Gee Reign at work

Sounds like a perfect way to make it in the music industry.  Should we expect any collabs from you in the future? And who are some of the artists Cameroonian or not who you will love to collab with?

        Gee Reign; Sure, I've collaborated with so many artist including May D and I’m looking forward to doing something new with him.. I've also currently recorded new songs with Magasco which will feature in his ‘Bamenda Boy 2’ album. I’ll love to work with other serious Cameroonian artist home and abroad. I’m that open to collabs (let’s build this industry together)

Gee Reign and Magasco (far right)

 May D? i definitely need to have a copy of that song.  Is Gee Reign signed under any record labels or is he a solo Artist?

       Gee Reign; I’m under 237Jamz of which I’m a co-founder alongside Nireo Regime.

Nireo Regime (co founder  of 237Jamz) and 

Gee Reign

    Woow, kool stuff! Lol   there is a question I have always wanted to ask in my interviews, unfortunately/ fortunately you are the first to get it. Lol this is for the ladies. Is Gee Reign single? And if yes are you searching? And if No, can we have the honour of knowing who the lucky lady is? Lmao

      Gee Reign; Chai.. Muke Alison..na wah oo. Anyways I’m single and not searching...lol.

  Lol Ladies "WONA HEAR?". He is not searching, there must be someone in the pipeline So back off. lol. So, How do you deal with all your fans especially female coz you must have a lot of them.

Gee Reign; I think I have the best fans ever. I consider them ‘family’, they are a huge source of inspiration and motivation and my female fans are no exception.

Performing at the R2E Concert-Buea

  Awww that's nice. So what’s NEXT for You? 

   Gee Reign; More singles, more videos, more collabs and other projects that will be revealed in due time.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
    Gee Reign; i hopefully would have build my career to the point where it gets a remarkable international recognition, expand my horizon and host my own talk show. But at this point I’m more concern about where the Cameroonian entertainment industry will be in 5 years.

 Great plans. talking about the Cameroonian Entertainment Industry, what advice do you have for young Cameroonians trying to make it in the music industry?

       Gee Reign; I urge you to strive for perfection in anything you do. That is the only way you can bring out the best in you. Other people's opinion should not discourage you but should be considered wisely, because only you can feel the passion that is burning within. Keep supporting Gee Reign and good music. I love you all.

 Lovely advice.  Thanks so much Gee Reign. And I wish you the best in all your future plans.

       Gee Reign; Awww, thank you. I wish you same.

Thanks dear. Well guys, there you go, a very hardworking, ambitious, determined and talented young Cameroonian. I know there are many talented Cameroonians out there who are looking for exposure or someone to recognize their work. Well all you need to do is email me with you information and i will check you out. It doesn't matter what field you are in, just give me a shout out.

Follow Gee Reign on twitter ---->; @GeeReign
                       Facebook  ---->; Gee Reign, like his page Gee Reign
                         Youtube ---->; Here

Download Gee Reign's songs for free ---> REVERBNATION Hulkshare and they a lot have lyrics to all his songs, so make sure to check it out. 

Seriously. we (Cameroonians) have to support our artists, Don't just sit there complaining, criticizing and comparing our artists with Nigerian/Ghanaian artists , coz Nigerians and Ghanaians worked hard to get their artists were they are today. NOBODY will come and do it for us. So the next time you criticize, insult or refuse to follow, download or like a Cameroonian artist's page, song or movie, remember that the future of Cameroon's Entertainment Industry lies on your shoulder. Ok oo, a don talk ma own.

Thanks for your time and support, As usual, your comments are very important to the growth of this blog. 
Have a Lovely Sunday

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