16 June 2013

La Vie en NOIR

"A woman never looks bad in a little black dress, they can always trust that look." Quote supplied by the fashion house

Hey everyone,
                      Happy Father's Day to all the lovely Dads.Well, I just want to start by thanking you all for the support I have been having these few days, Increased views and more comments. Means a lot and please keep the views and comments coming, sincerely, they motivate me. Today's post is a continuation of the Little Black Dress post, this is the 2nd of 3 ( Check out the first post here). As earlier said, a LBD is a definite must-have for ever fashionista but just because it's called a black dress doesn't mean it can't have a little bit of color. A black dress with the right pop of color in all the right places can  take your outfit to a whole new level. For example, If you had to attend an interview, office / board meeting or even a corporate presentation, an outfit like this can move mountains.

  Dress: BCBG , Shoes: Shoe dazzle, Accessories: Forever 21/ Gifted Bag: Trifted. Of course if you are going for an interview you might want to wear lower heels, but for a meeting, especially a corporate presentation, you just have to keep those heels on, coz you might be surprised the kind of contracts those shoes/legs can get you, lol just saying. You can always put a blazer over the outfit or add a belt, but don't forget to keep the colors to a minimum and avoid bright colors, It's a formal meeting not a girls night out. More pictures after the cut.

Hope you like my outfit. Have a lovely Sunday and don't forget to follow, comment and like.
and mothers make sure you treat your men well, coz it's their day.
Stay Blessed


  1. Whaaaaaaa! No comments??!!! That's crazy! U look AMAZING! Like there's amazing... then there's this! I love the 4th pic but all of em really. Dang I wish I was in Canada lol!! X x ;)